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owen temple

Volunteering leads to new career

A need to give back to others has led to a new career for an employee at Creative Arts by Rise.

Owen Temple (63) suffered an accident as a truck driver more than a decade ago.

With limited things to do while he was recovering, he thought it might be a good time to help others.

I thought I’ve got to give something back. My next door neighbor works in the kitchen here so we started together.

Owen began volunteering at Creative Arts by Rise 11 years ago. That led to part-time work in 2009, before he began full-time in 2012.

Woodwork room

Owen’s main role is in the woodwork room. He helps clients design and complete projects. However, that is not all he does.

I’m the longest serving employee here and I’m a jack of all trades. I’m the fire warden, safety representative, first aider, maintenance and driver trainer.
I love the comradery with the clients. Many of them have been here for the same length of time as me and you build a good rapport. I get enjoyment from seeing clients complete a project.

Despite the long journey from Cockburn each day, Owen has no plans to retire anytime soon.

Hopefully I’ll be here for at least another five years at least.

Creative Arts by Rise

Creative Arts by Rise, formerly Creative And Therapy Activities, is based in Warwick. Numerous activities are held here. These include:

  • Painting
  • Woodwork
  • Knitting
  • Pottery
  • Excursions

Creative Arts by Rise was formally Creative And Therapy Activities (CATA). CATA merged with Rise in 2016. You can read more about the merger here.

creative arts volunteers

Students volunteer in creative arts

Students from St Stephen’s school in Duncraig volunteered at Creative Arts by Rise recently.

Year 8 and 9 students attended the Warwick centre during National Volunteer Week.

Creative Arts by Rise is a day centre where guests can enjoy a range of craft activities such as woodwork, painting, sewing and drawing.

creative arts volunteers

Students volunteer

The students helped in the pottery and painting rooms, as well as potting cacti for Rise guests in hanging baskets.

Homeroom teacher Nicola Kirby said the school was completing service learning. This involves volunteering with different organisations, such as Rise.

Each term they do something different to help others. The students here expressed an interest because they like the arts.

It is a good opportunity for them to think about other people rather than themselves.

The students were made welcome by the staff and guests. It is the second time this year students from the school have volunteered.

Creative Arts by Rise

Creative Arts by Rise was formally Creative And Therapy Activities (CATA). CATA merged with Rise in 2016. You can read more about the merger here.

Rise celebrates Volunteer Week

Rise celebrated National Volunteer Week 2017 in style!

National Volunteer Week ran from 8th-14th May.

Rise held several events to celebrate all our wonderful helpers.

Home Help Local volunteer breakfast

Home Help Local (HHL) recently merged with Rise. A breakfast was held to thank all the wonderful people who give their time.

A cooked breakfast was provided at the Armadale office. More than 40 people attended and there was a raffle drawn.

Dome Bassendean over run with volunteers

Dome volunteer breakfast

An event was held at Dome Bassendean. Around 30 volunteers came together to enjoy breakfast and chat. People were bussed in from HHL in Armadale and Warwick, for those volunteers at Creative Arts by Rise.

It was a great opportunity to catch up over coffee and recognise their hard work. Several events are held each year.

Rise volunteers

Rise has more than 160 volunteers. They play a vital role with supporting clients, undertaking admin work or driving clients. We thank them for their dedication! To find out more click here.

CWA hearts

CWA hearts provide stress and anxiety relief

The ladies at Mount Helena Parkerville branch of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) have been helping Rise guests by sewing hearts.

Milperra Cottage in Mount Helena provides aged care respite accommodation.

Aged care coordinator Karen Wittcomb said the CWA was located nearby and the sewing group had been extremely generous. They make the hearts in their monthly meetings.

They’ve donated some handmade hearts for us to give away to guests at Milperra. These hearts are used in the same way you would use a stress ball. If you’re feeling anxious or lonely, you can just pop your hand in your pocket and there’s the heart to hold.

CWA hearts

Sewing group member Jo Heuwink said the group had been making hearts for many years.

They have also been handed to dementia patients, and aboriginal families in remote areas. The families often give them to their sick children, they are placed on their chest and provide stress relief and comfort.

CWA helps

Karen said the CWA had supported Rise frequently over the years with our carer’s program, creating patched works and knee rugs for guests and providing toiletries bags for those who forget essential items.

CWA have such a great sense of community. They’re always giving.

What a beautiful group!

Aged Care Services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.

HHL volunteer

Volunteering expands John’s world

John (70) has been a volunteer with Rise (formerly Home Help Local) for 18 months.

Twice a week he travels to Rise in Mount Richon and then travels even further, transporting people to appointments.

He arrives at the home base and is gratefully handed his schedule by the coordinators.

He might be driving to Serpentine and then to the city, but for John it’s about helping out. He said

I enjoy the people that you meet. Some of them like to chat and it is great to reminisce about the old times in Perth.

If I didn’t volunteer, my world would all be within 5-10 kms. But I get to get out and see new things, like the football stadium.

He describes his volunteering as very rewarding.

You feel like you are helping people.

Home Help Local

Home Help Local merged with Rise last month. This increases Rise’s services across the metropolitan area to the Armadale area. Read more about the merger here.

home help local

Home Help Local merges with Rise

Rise is pleased to announce its presence in the Armadale area. On 1st April support service Home Help Local (HHL) merged with Rise.

Rise CEO Justine Colyer said Rise was delighted to expand in a new area.

HHL are a long-established and well-respected organisation. They provide aged care services that are very similar to Rise, but also ones that are new, such as meal delivery.

They are particularly well known for their excellent engagement with and programs for older Aboriginal citizens.

Services unaffected

Rise has been working with HHL staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Ms Colyer said services for our clients will continue as normal. There will be little or no disruption in the short-term, with improvements in customer service into the future.

We are thrilled that this growth within Rise will give new and existing clients, staff and partners of Rise even more choice and opportunity for great services, employment and partnerships.

Farewell Trudi

HHL CEO Trudi Hodges was farewelled at an afternoon tea on Wednesday 26 April.

She applauded the commitment of staff to the merger.

Ms Colyer thanked Ms Hodges for her valuable input into the merger and wished her all the best for the future.


Rise provides a range of services across the Perth metropolitan area for aged care, people with disability, mental health, youth and carers. For more information click here.

school holidays

School holiday activities a hit

As students settle back into the school routine, we look at the fun had in the recent school holidays. Rise runs a number of activities for youth in the holidays.

April fun

Shona from the City of Swan facilitated the Strong Women Program. Youths discussed their identity and what makes them who they are as individuals. Canvases were decorated with stickers, positive words and a polaroid photo. There was also a mindfulness activity and jewellery making at the end of the day.

On the same day, John from the City of Swan took the males on a boomerang journey. The group made and painted their own boomerangs. This included sanding the boomerang so it would be shaped properly to come back and then painting it with their own designs.

school holidays

Physical activities

Youth Program Activities Coordinator Skye Groenveld said the two most popular activities were Bounce in Cannington and Laser Tag in Malaga.

Bounce is the most requested location for an excursion, the young people love jumping around, and showing off their flips and stunts! We also went to Bayswater Skate Park on the way back.

The young people thoroughly enjoy getting out and about and it is a nice reward for attending our educational and recreational workshops at the drop in centre during the school term. We try to conquer as many activities in Perth as we can!

Youths also had dinner at Hog’s Breath Café and saw Boss Baby at the movies. All excursions include either lunch or dinner.

Rise Youth

Rise Community Network provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.


Youths learn how to save-a-mate

Youths have been learning how to save-a-mate in an emergency.

Earlier this month the Australian Red Cross ran their save-a-mate (SAM) workshop.

More than 20 young people came to the workshop at Stratton Edge Youth Centre.


The save-a-mate (SAM) program provides young people with the skills to prevent, recognise and respond to emergencies caused by alcohol and other drugs.

The workshop was run during Youth Week. Youths looked at risk factors for an overdose, what one looks like and what to do if someone has one. Together, the trainers and the youths also created a painting.


Youth Program Activities Coordinator Skye Groenveld said the youths enjoyed the workshop.

They learnt how to put someone into the recovery position, and participated in a group painting for Youth Week.

Rise Youth

Rise Community Network provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.


NEYON rise youth

Youth team tackles local issues through NEYON

Rise’s Youth team is helping to tackle local issues through the NEYON group.

NEYON is the primary Youth Network in the North East Region of Perth. The group aims to drive positive change on youth issues.

NEYON meets six times a year, with Rise Youth hosting the most recent meeting.

Productive NEYON meeting

Marcia Miceli from The Smith Family facilitated a discussion regarding the top challenges for young people in the area.

Youth Program Manager Dawn McAleenan said mental health, accommodation, education and family support were the most prevalent.

This was a fantastic discussion which showed the passion and expertise our youth workers have across the region.

The NEYON Coordination Group will meet next month and use this information to plan our strategy for the next 12 months.

We look forward to see how this collaboration of ideas and the positive change it will bring.

The NEYON group is considering discussing one common youth challenge each meeting. Leading agencies in the field would be bought in to offer advice.

Rise Youth

Rise Community Network provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

Rise LGBTI training

Rise takes part in LGBTI training

Rise employees have been taking part in LGBTI training. The half-day training sessions are being offered to all employees.

LGBTI training

The Opening Closets program is run by Living Proud and the Mental Health Commission.

The training is designed to improve services for LGBTI clients.

Training sessions are interactive. Rise employees are encouraged to actively take part in the sessions and ask questions.

The aim of the training is for employees to be more aware of LGBTI issues and ensure everyone is treated equally.

Diversity in the workplace

Rise is a diverse workplace and supports clients from all walks of life. Our services include support for aged care, disability, mental health and youth. For more information visit www.risenetwork.com.au