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Rise & WACOSS Lobby for Change Via Video

Rise & WACOSS Lobby for Change Via Video

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In the lead up to the State Election for Western Australia, Rise is partnering with West Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) to lobby for reform which will, we believe, positively impact our ageing community, youth at risk and those challenged with mental health issues.

Helen Dymond, our Divisional Manager for Aged Care, challenges the current two system, Federal and State, and the lack of simplicity and ease for our elderly to access services.  Helen also confronts the rising cost of utilities and the impact this has on people to feel confident and comfortably in their own home as they grow older.

Tara Seaward, the Acting Divisional Manager for Youth and Mental Health Services at Rise tells of the growing difficulty young women are facing in finding stable housing after they have accessed our crisis accommodation service at Kira House.

Watch our 4 Videos and share your opinion on our Vimeo or Facebook pages.

Merry Christmas to You All

Christmas Lights - Penny

You can almost hear the audible sigh of relief as we move into the last week before the Christmas break…

It’s been a huge year for Rise; we didn’t even exist as Rise at the start of the year!

The re-brand from Hills Community Support Group and all the associated events, parties, launches and good cheer took some significant organisational grunt and saw some of us put on a few extra kilos from the drinks and nibbles. The result is that we have a smart, friendly and well-recognised image that is more widely known than ever.

While most of us will take a well-earned break, being a 24 hour service, we continue to provide care and support for people with a disability, young women escaping domestic violence and carers needing respite over the Christmas period.

To those people particularly, and the staff and volunteers who work with them, we wish you a happy and restful holiday.


Clients at the Centre

Michael & Liz at Andrews Place

The recent National Disability Services (NDS) State conference was one of the most thought provoking of recent times, with the keynote speakers challenging delegates to think about the future of service delivery and person-centred outcomes, and how a future workforce would meet those challenges.

Over arching these challenges is the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which will bring with it a major shift in services to people with a disability. As a result, delegates from organisations such as Rise are planning how to best implement service delivery models, which ensure that the client is at the centre of all planning and that the organisation is set up to meet those needs.

Gary Hurst
Divisional Manager – People with Disability

Volunteers, Cowboys and Indians

Many thanks goes to all Volunteers within the organisation who give of their time so readily.

We always enjoy thanking our Volunteers and this years 2012 Volunteer Dinner was no exception.

This years theme was Country and Western and the room was alight with imitation fires, cow hide galore and a hay bale or two. We had cowboys, cowgirls and an Indian squaw or two!

Many hours go into the lead up for our annual event. This year saw 50 volunteers plus all of our helpers sit down for a three course meal superbly created and served by the Country Women’s Association (CWA). Helen from CWA and all her helpers always create the most amazing aromas and dining. “Freight Train” entertained us with their Country and Western music style throughout the evening.

Awards, cactus, prizes and laughter filled the evening air and our Sheriff for the evening, “Woody”, kept everyone entertained with quizzes and music trivia.

A great crowd and a superb evening. From me (Sam Hrubos – Volunteer Coordinator) to all of you “Thanks” and see you all next year. Mmmmm wonder what the theme will be?

Take a look at the Photo Album from the evening.


Homeless Connect – Perth

On Wednesday the 14th of November the Rise Youth Team attended Perth’s ‘Homeless Connect’ event held at Russell Square and the Hellenic Community Centre in Northbridge.

The Homeless Connect project is about providing a “one stop shop” of essential and on-going services to homeless persons or those at risk of homelessness. Community groups, businesses and Government offered assistance with housing, medical and dental issues, legal issues, mental health and addiction issues, employment, recreation opportunities, identification issues, electoral enrolment and other services. Personal care services were also offered including showers, haircuts, massage, clothes, craft activities, physical training, book giveaway, entertainment and catering (meals and refreshments were provided through the day).

Over Sixty service providers from government, not-for-profit sector, business and individuals set up the successful “one stop shop” of services with the support of over 100 volunteers on the day. Homeless Connect events have been held in over 220 cities across the United States, Canada and Australia (Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Gold Coast).

Our Youth Team set up and ran a Rise stand in the Hellenic Centre, and spent the day talking to attendees about all of the services Rise has to offer. They were approached by a huge range of attendees with varying personal circumstances, responded to questions and provided information about Rise’s Mental Health, Aged Care, Disabilities and of course, Youth Services programs.

An estimated 600 homeless and otherwise disadvantaged people attended the event, and Youth staff met with and spoke to over 50 guests throughout the day.

Thank you Bankwest

Thank you to Bankwest for Volunteering at Rise – Wahroonga Social Centre in Mundaring.

Wahroonga staff for longer than I can recall have been dreaming of a staffroom. On the 5 October 2012, thanks to Bankwest and Volunteering WA their dream came true. Twenty-seven volunteers from Bankwest rose to the task – armed with sunscreen, hats, brute force and muscle, not to mention a great positive attitude. The Wahroonga rear demountable was transformed into a tranquil, peaceful room of bliss. Fresh paint and new furniture now envelopes the room and we celebrated in style for the Melbourne Cup Day.

The area also now has a fantastic raised garden area, after much pruning and repositioning of railway sleepers. Sanded and sealed table settings, umbrellas and an area for a water feature are just a few of the surprises that greeted staff. The garden beds will become a memorial garden for clients who pass away and give the staff a nice area to reflect and remember.

Another big task that day was the painting of the picket fence that runs the entire frontage of Wahroonga. My thoughts are that the painting crew never want to see either green paint or a paint brush for quite a while.

The Bankwest volunteers worked tirelessly that day – grubby faces and clothes matched perfectly with the happy smiles that donned each and every volunteer. This project could not have gone better.

Take a look at the photographs in our Album.

This is what the Bankwest Volunteers said about the day:

“The satisfaction of completing every task we were given. Meeting new people and seeing the appreciation in the people’s faces.”

“Sense of fulfillment.”

“Team building, fun, and positive.”

“ Working with others to build something that will add value for years.”

“Working with a group to achieve something that will give joy to the people in the facility.”

“Sense of achievement and doing something good for the community.”

“Was wonderful to be able to give back to the community.”

“Really amazed at un-selfish or non-profit activity done by RISE organisation.”

“As the day went on, it was nice to form a connection with the clients.”

“Helping others makes us feel good.”


Thanks Bankwest and everyone who “Gave 1” that day.

Samantha Hrubos

Senior Coordinator Volunteers


The Rise of Life-Enhancing Technology

In the last 20 years, advances in technology have brought unprecedented changes to the way we communicate and interact with each other.

Until recently, many of those who would benefit from it most didn’t—either because the technology was too expensive or too complicated to be of use. The Apple iPad shook things up when it was unveiled in 2010, with its easy-to-use touch screen interface, wireless internet connectivity and plethora of Apps—at a price that made it accessible to millions. In particular, some Apps have replaced devices that cost 10x the price of the iPad, and could only do one task. Although the iPad is the poster-child of ‘enabling technology’ devices, there are other inventions that have just as big an impact for the people that use them.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing stories of how technology has enhanced peoples lives, and we want to hear yours too.

We’re giving away an enabling device or software worth up to $600—to win, simply tell us how technology has enhanced, or could enhance your life or the life of a loved one. In your story, tell us about the challenges that you or someone else face(d), and what impact technology has had, or could have on your lives for the better. Here’s a story from one of our own staff members about how an iPad has enhanced life for the whole family.

Head over to our Facebook page to enter the competition and share your story.

Rise Wins Business Excellence Award

Justine Colyer (CEO) and Robyn Fitall (Executive Officer) were delighted to accept on behalf of Rise, the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Award for a medium/large business on Saturday evening – 4 November 2012.

Justine Colyer said, “This was not an award for a specific program or an individual but a recognition of everything that Rise contributes to the community and the local economy.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be acknowledged and for the team at Rise to be recognised and valued for the work it is seen to be doing in the community.”

Rise at Hyperfest

Our Rise Youth Connections team ran a marquee offering temporary tattooing at the 2012 Hyperfest held at Midland Oval on Sunday the 7th of October.

‘Hyper’ is a youth arts series based within and provided by the City of Swan, best known through its nationally awarded and acknowledged all-ages music festival ‘HyperFest’. HyperFest is their major all-ages Music and Arts Festival. Hyper is run by young people, for young people.

Youth staff offered free temporary tattooing to encourage young people to visit the marquee and while they waited, staff used the opportunity to talk with young people about their experiences at school and offer information about our Youth Connections program. Staff also walked the festival grounds approaching young people and talking with them about Rise’s Youth Services program and handed out cards and flyers. The marquee was a great success with over 100 young people coming through for tattoos.

Check out more photographs in our Photo Album