Rise is a key provider of community support in Perth, offering people services across the aged care, people with disability, mental health, youth and housing sectors. Our annual revenue of $25 million enables us to support over 2,000 people.

Our strong foundations in service delivery, corporate governance and business are proven by the multiple awards we have won. One of Rise’s strategic directions is to partner with other organisations to continue enhancing the sector we operate in. Rise offers a range of consultancy services to enable organisations to build on their capabilities.

Rise’s consultancy service will be tailored to your organisation’s needs. We are a service organisation, thus we understand that you do not need impressive documents that are impractical and hard to implement. We will share with you solutions that actually work for us.

Leadership and Role Mentoring

Rise has rich experience providing advice and support for organisations and mentoring people who are in leadership roles or are aspiring to develop the leader in them. We design mentoring programs and assign mentors according to the person’s needs.

Members of our Leadership Group are Fellows of Leadership WA and are active provides leadership skills to community organisations.

Strategic Development and Planning

Through our structured strategic development and planning processes, Rise has become a multi-award winning key service provider in the community support sector.

We provide consultancy in strategic development and planning in the various organisational functions, such as:

  • Organisational Strategy
  • Future Planning
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Communications & Marketing Strategy

Corporate Governance

Rise provides advice to other organisations on corporate governance matters such as Board processes, organisational constitutional issues, organisational risk management and policy development.

Human Resource Consultancy

Rise is known for our expertise in managing human resources across our diverse services and staff groups. Our HR team works closely with internal and external stakeholders to establish processes to address sector-wide service and legislative changes.

We offer you and your organisation the following HR consultancy services:

  • Award Interpretation
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Remuneration
  • Human Resource Policies & Compliance

Project Management & Consultancy

Rise offers consulting and mentoring to help you and your organisation successfully manage and complete your projects. We have a well-structured yet streamlined project management framework that can be tailored to meet your project needs. We can share with you our professional approaches used to manage sector-wide and Government projects and the lessons learned to make your projects run smoother.

We have proven success in developing scopes, plans and frameworks for complex projects with multiple stakeholders across a sector.

Communications & Marketing Strategy

Since changing our name and brand to Rise we gained a strong track record in our communications and marketing approach, which is guided by a well developed Communications & Marketing Strategy.

Using our expertise and experience, we can devise effective strategies for your organisation to communicate and market your strengths, reaching out to audiences via the most effective media channels.

Financial Management

Our Finance Department has commercial and non-profit expertise and can support your organisation for matters and tasks related to:

  • Cost Analysis
  • Cost Modelling
  • Fleet Management
  • Cash Flow Analysis

Program / Service Specific Advice

Rise’s services span across aged care, disability, youth, mental health and housing services. Our senior managers have decades of industry-specific experience in managing these services in various organisations other than their current roles in Rise.

Rise can provide partnering organisations like yours with advice on the latest trends and developments in the relevant service sector.

Property Management

Rise currently manage properties for 11 external service providers as well as their internal teams. We look after Independent Living and People with Disability homes in the metro, area Bindoon, the hills and Northam.

Contract Negotiation

Rise has an experienced team of negotiators who could help you reduce your outgoings through their bulk purchase of services. Recent successes include significant savings on Corporate Cleaning, car repairs, agency staff.

General Administration

It is not feasible for some organisations to hire a full set of people for the required range of administration duties. Finding the right person with diverse and adequate experience in administrative roles is also not easy. Rise can provide general administrative support at hourly rates so that your organisation need not over-spend on salaries.

Examples of administrative support Rise can provide include:

  • Contract Management
  • Records & Information Management
  • Meeting / Appointment Management

All above services can be provided as a one-off review, a fixed-term change project basis or an ongoing support program.

For more information

To find out more about Rise Consultancy Service and what we can do with our partners, please contact Sean Loke, Director Business Development at:

Mobile: 0419 986 046

Email: sean.loke@risenetwork.com.au