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people with disability

‘Bringing Our Best to You’ – Staff Training & Event Calendar

Training Calendar Feb 2013

Our half-yearly Staff Training and Event ‘Gig Guide’ – we like to call it – is out!

We developed this last year to support our staff specifically to bring clarity and to let them know that we really do want to ‘bring our best’ to them. There is nothing worse than not feeling at ease in our work role and training helps people feel comfortable and confident.

This guide outlines the bounty of training that is taking place over the next six months at Rise, what is classed as Essential and Complimentary, What is the Next Step, and it also delivers a some key messages from the Human Resources team that relates to the first half of the year.

On the front cover is one of our staff. This cover profiles Annette Panaia who is the Program Co-ordinator for Moorditj Mia, a program that supports the elderly and frail aged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in an informal way that suits our indigeneous people.

“So helpful to know what training is coming up and when… so clear.” Staff Member

Merry Christmas to You All

Christmas Lights - Penny

You can almost hear the audible sigh of relief as we move into the last week before the Christmas break…

It’s been a huge year for Rise; we didn’t even exist as Rise at the start of the year!

The re-brand from Hills Community Support Group and all the associated events, parties, launches and good cheer took some significant organisational grunt and saw some of us put on a few extra kilos from the drinks and nibbles. The result is that we have a smart, friendly and well-recognised image that is more widely known than ever.

While most of us will take a well-earned break, being a 24 hour service, we continue to provide care and support for people with a disability, young women escaping domestic violence and carers needing respite over the Christmas period.

To those people particularly, and the staff and volunteers who work with them, we wish you a happy and restful holiday.


Clients at the Centre

Michael & Liz at Andrews Place

The recent National Disability Services (NDS) State conference was one of the most thought provoking of recent times, with the keynote speakers challenging delegates to think about the future of service delivery and person-centred outcomes, and how a future workforce would meet those challenges.

Over arching these challenges is the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which will bring with it a major shift in services to people with a disability. As a result, delegates from organisations such as Rise are planning how to best implement service delivery models, which ensure that the client is at the centre of all planning and that the organisation is set up to meet those needs.

Gary Hurst
Divisional Manager – People with Disability

Homeless Connect – Perth

On Wednesday the 14th of November the Rise Youth Team attended Perth’s ‘Homeless Connect’ event held at Russell Square and the Hellenic Community Centre in Northbridge.

The Homeless Connect project is about providing a “one stop shop” of essential and on-going services to homeless persons or those at risk of homelessness. Community groups, businesses and Government offered assistance with housing, medical and dental issues, legal issues, mental health and addiction issues, employment, recreation opportunities, identification issues, electoral enrolment and other services. Personal care services were also offered including showers, haircuts, massage, clothes, craft activities, physical training, book giveaway, entertainment and catering (meals and refreshments were provided through the day).

Over Sixty service providers from government, not-for-profit sector, business and individuals set up the successful “one stop shop” of services with the support of over 100 volunteers on the day. Homeless Connect events have been held in over 220 cities across the United States, Canada and Australia (Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Gold Coast).

Our Youth Team set up and ran a Rise stand in the Hellenic Centre, and spent the day talking to attendees about all of the services Rise has to offer. They were approached by a huge range of attendees with varying personal circumstances, responded to questions and provided information about Rise’s Mental Health, Aged Care, Disabilities and of course, Youth Services programs.

An estimated 600 homeless and otherwise disadvantaged people attended the event, and Youth staff met with and spoke to over 50 guests throughout the day.

Rise New-Website Launch

The day has finally arrived and we are proud to launch the new website for Rise (formerly known as Hills Community Support Group). The key purpose of our website is to be clear and accessible in relation to the services we provide in the community, provide an easy next step to receive help and further information, and to keep in touch.

A few new things to provide better service and connection opportunities are:

Thank you also to the staff who have contributed to this website through conversations and ‘putting pen to paper’.

It has been a good, long journey of discovery, innovation, creation and testing, but mainly good partnership with The Globe -Advertising and Design, and developers Clever Starfish.

Take a bit of time to check it out, and ‘keep in touch’.