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Rise Aged Care

exercise group

Exercise group keeps seniors active

An exercise group run by Rise in Mundaring is helping people stay fit and active in their senior years.

The group started in 2009 and runs at The Hub of the Hills. This is a community facility next to our social centre, Wahroonga.

Instructors Tina and Melanie lead two classes a week with up to 10 people attend each session. Tina said the classes lasts for an hour and are followed by light refreshments and a chance to chat.

This has been a great opportunity to help boost fitness and improve the group’s confidence. Anyone can have a go, in a totally safe and fun environment.

Sheila (75) and Jenny (83) enjoy the exercise group.

Tina our instructor is so inclusive, and doesn’t’ mind if you need a little sit down.  She understands if you get tired.

Health and wellbeing at Rise

At Rise, this group is just one part of a whole health and well being package. Aged Care participants can get help and guidance on emotional well-being and nutrition. There is also an opportunity to join in a regular swimming group to stay fit.

The cost of the exercise group is $6 and it is both HACC and non HACC funded.

Aged Care

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.

CWA hearts

CWA hearts provide stress and anxiety relief

The ladies at Mount Helena Parkerville branch of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) have been helping Rise guests by sewing hearts.

Milperra Cottage in Mount Helena provides aged care respite accommodation.

Aged care coordinator Karen Wittcomb said the CWA was located nearby and the sewing group had been extremely generous. They make the hearts in their monthly meetings.

They’ve donated some handmade hearts for us to give away to guests at Milperra. These hearts are used in the same way you would use a stress ball. If you’re feeling anxious or lonely, you can just pop your hand in your pocket and there’s the heart to hold.

CWA hearts

Sewing group member Jo Heuwink said the group had been making hearts for many years.

They have also been handed to dementia patients, and aboriginal families in remote areas. The families often give them to their sick children, they are placed on their chest and provide stress relief and comfort.

CWA helps

Karen said the CWA had supported Rise frequently over the years with our carer’s program, creating patched works and knee rugs for guests and providing toiletries bags for those who forget essential items.

CWA have such a great sense of community. They’re always giving.

What a beautiful group!

Aged Care Services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.

HHL volunteer

Volunteering expands John’s world

John (70) has been a volunteer with Rise (formerly Home Help Local) for 18 months.

Twice a week he travels to Rise in Mount Richon and then travels even further, transporting people to appointments.

He arrives at the home base and is gratefully handed his schedule by the coordinators.

He might be driving to Serpentine and then to the city, but for John it’s about helping out. He said

I enjoy the people that you meet. Some of them like to chat and it is great to reminisce about the old times in Perth.

If I didn’t volunteer, my world would all be within 5-10 kms. But I get to get out and see new things, like the football stadium.

He describes his volunteering as very rewarding.

You feel like you are helping people.

Home Help Local

Home Help Local merged with Rise last month. This increases Rise’s services across the metropolitan area to the Armadale area. Read more about the merger here.

home help local

Home Help Local merges with Rise

Rise is pleased to announce its presence in the Armadale area. On 1st April support service Home Help Local (HHL) merged with Rise.

Rise CEO Justine Colyer said Rise was delighted to expand in a new area.

HHL are a long-established and well-respected organisation. They provide aged care services that are very similar to Rise, but also ones that are new, such as meal delivery.

They are particularly well known for their excellent engagement with and programs for older Aboriginal citizens.

Services unaffected

Rise has been working with HHL staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Ms Colyer said services for our clients will continue as normal. There will be little or no disruption in the short-term, with improvements in customer service into the future.

We are thrilled that this growth within Rise will give new and existing clients, staff and partners of Rise even more choice and opportunity for great services, employment and partnerships.

Farewell Trudi

HHL CEO Trudi Hodges was farewelled at an afternoon tea on Wednesday 26 April.

She applauded the commitment of staff to the merger.

Ms Colyer thanked Ms Hodges for her valuable input into the merger and wished her all the best for the future.


Rise provides a range of services across the Perth metropolitan area for aged care, people with disability, mental health, youth and carers. For more information click here.

family fun day wahroonga 2017

Family fun day a hit with all ages

A family fun day held at Mundaring this week proved popular for all ages.

Social centre attendees from Wahroonga and Centenerary traveled to Mundaring for the event.

School holiday family fun

A family fun day is held every two years and allows families to come together.

Coordinator Aged Care Centre Based Services Jackie Quinn said the event was held during school holidays.

The fun day is open to all day centre members and their families. Activities included Easter craft for the kids, face painting, cuddly animal farm, fortune teller and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny.

Lunch was a sausage sizzle with an ice-cream van, a popcorn machine and bagged fairy floss.

Both young and old were enjoying cuddles from the animals. The Easter Bunny also proved popular and people were lining up to have their photo with him. Fortune teller Mystique was also a hit, with people enjoying having their cards read.

You can see the photo gallery here.

Aged care services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.

Rise shines at ACSWA state conference

Rise was proud to be a sponsor of a recent aged care conference in Joondalup.

Aged and Community Services Western Australia (ACSWA) hosted their 2017 state conference at Joondalup Resort on 30th and 31st March.

Aged care conference

Rise Aged Care Program Manager, Andrea Kelly said the conference was a valuable and timely opportunity for networking and workshopping the current issues all providers face following the reforms that continue to change the way we deliver aged care services.

Recent aged care changes give clients more choice around who provides their services.

The team at Rise welcome and we encourage our clients to take maximum advantage of this.

Proud sponsor

Rise was a proud conference sponsor and we loved the look of our logo on every delegates lanyard.  Our aged care team welcomed hundreds of people at the booth, giving us the opportunity to discuss our services and share our stories. Andrea Kelly commented

It was a delight to see such positive reaction to our Celebrating People book – I have a real sense of pride in the team at Rise.

Aged care services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.

Swimming group mundaring rise

Swimming group a great social workout

Rise CEO Justine Colyer joined in the fun of a new swimming exercise group recently.

The club runs on Wednesdays in Mundaring. It was an initiative of Rise staff based in Mundaring. People can take part in low impact exercise, before going for lunch at a local cafe.

CEO swims in

Justine joined the group for their third class. Currently there are six members, with space for a few more. Members are picked up, before they travel to Club Sierra. Activities include walking in the pool, doing some low impact exercises and also enjoying the spa and sauna.

The staff were great with the group; there was no rigid structure to the session but they kept introducing new activities that people could opt in or out of as they felt comfortable. Because it was all fun, we exercised without realising it.

More than exercise

Justine said that while the physical benefits were great, friendship, fun and socialisation were also important.

I love spending time with the social groups for our older citizens. They are open to having fun and don’t take themselves too seriously; they just throw themselves into things.

For some of them in the swimming group, it took some time for them to decide to join either through ill health or lack of confidence but everyone I spoke to on the day was glad they had.

Swimming group mundaring rise

Aged care services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.

Sharlene volunteer driver

Drivers needed in the hills area

Rise’s Transport Department is seeking volunteer drivers to help clients get to appointments safely, and on time.

Drivers are gold dust

Rise clients often need to get to medical appointments, or maybe to the hairdresser to freshen up. Taxis are a cost many clients can’t afford and the public transport system is not always accommodating.

This is where our valued volunteers fill the gap and help our aged care clients.

Fitting into your schedule

At Rise we appreciate any time you can spare us and we want to fit into your schedule. Volunteers give us anything from one day a fortnight through to three days per week. We do our best to accommodate anyone who wants to help.

Volunteer drivers can choose to be reimbursed for using their own vehicle, or use a Rise vehicle instead.

More than just driving

Transport officer Sharlene Mirco said many volunteers said they enjoyed the experience.

Volunteers get to meet some wonderful people who have amazing stories to tell. Our clients are always saying how much they appreciate everything our volunteers do and they don’t know what they would do without them. Volunteering may be about giving back, but it also makes you feel good.

The Transport Department is located in Mundaring. If you or anyone you know are interested in volunteering with the Transport Department please contact Sharlene Mirco on 6274 3745 or click here.

Wahroonga craft bunnings mundaring rise

Bunnings helps Wahroonga get crafty

Guests at Wahroonga enjoyed decorating some beautiful pots last week, thanks to help from Bunnings.

Wahroonga is a social centre located in Mundaring. Guests enjoy activities including excursions, craft and more.

Community service

Hardware store Bunnings provide helpers to run craft activities with community groups.

Program Coordinator Jackie Quinn said the ladies came armed with pots, decorations and other materials. The activity was held on Tuesday 14 March.

We decorated a terracotta pot with gem stones and then planted some seedlings in the pot. You can see the concentration and enjoyment on the faces of the guests.

Jackie said the guests really enjoyed the activity, with men getting involved too.

One of the gentlemen was adamant at the beginning of the craft session that he would only sit and watch, but he joined in and had a wonderful time.

Wahroonga craft bunnings mundaring rise

Social centres

Wahroonga is one of three social centres operated by Rise. The centres in Koongamia and Mundaring adapt programs to suit guests. There is transport available to the centres. A healthy morning tea, lunch and dessert are served to guests. For more information click here.

Milperra widget the beagle Rise

Widget returns to Milperra after adventure

Widget the stuffed toy beagle has finally returned home after a lengthy adventure. Rise is trying to find his adopted family to thank them for his care and return.

Milperra Cottage in Mount Helena is an aged care respite facility. While there are chickens outside to feed and collect eggs, stuffed animals provide company inside.

Aged care coordinator Karen Wittcomb said the dog set off on his adventure in August 2016.

Widget was dropped on the verge outside Milperra Cottage. When staff went back to pick him up he’d gone. He was such a great dog, greeting everyone as they entered the cottage. In fact he was missed so much we decided to put out missing posters in the community for him.

Widget returns

Last week Widget made his way home after the loving carers saw the poster about Widget on the fence at Milperra. Karen said Rise staff and guests had never given up hope of his return.

A couple had seen Widget on the roadside and thought he was for verge collection so they had given him a home. He did have fun in his new home and became much loved by the new family. However, last week, on seeing the poster they very kindly brought him back to us. We are thrilled to have him back! He is now sitting in his favourite spot on the couch, ready to greet guests once more into respite.

Karen said in the excitement of seeing Widget once again, a support worker forgot to get the details of the family who returned Widget. Rise is searching to the family to formally thank them and show how much the dog’s return means to guest and staff.

If you have any information please contact Karen on Karen.Wittcomb@risenetwork.com.au

Aged Care Services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care and in-home support. For more information click here.