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Car donation makes Rise client’s day


car in foreground with beach and sea in background and umbrella set up‘I don’t know what to say’ were the words of one of Rise’s mental health clients when our outreach support worker Nat McWhinney informed her that she was being offered a free car to have.

The Rise client, who came to us through the Youthlink program and has been a part of the housing stimulus program since the beginning of 2015. She is currently focusing on study and traineeship options and was overwhelmed at the generosity of the Shurman family who were donating the car.

The car that was donated to Rise was a 1990 Toyota Corona. It had previously been owned by Mr Shurman’s mother. Mrs Shurman, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, was no longer able to drive so the family thought it would be best to donate the car to a charity that could use it.

Our client had been using her trusty mountain bike as a mode of transport to make it to appointments and meetings in the city. A lot of Rise’s clients are on a disability pension and are unable to afford cars, therefore relying heavily on public transport. This in itself can be problematic, with some clients having social anxiety issues and relying on public transport can be too much for them, resulting in missed appointments and further isolation barriers.

Our client told Rise that she is very excited to have the opportunity to finish accumulating her learner driver hours and then will have reliable transport to start Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in the new year of the traineeship that she’s been shortlisted for. ‘So many job adverts require you to have a car, so now I can apply for more jobs and make sure if I go to TAFE, I can make all of my classes’.

Outreach support worker Nat said ‘having transport is such an important tool in our clients’ recovery journey. Our clients can feel very isolated sometimes when they move into our properties and their old social networks are no longer close by’.

Rise would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the Shurman family for their lovely donation of a car for one of our clients.

Rise saves trees with new photocopiers

Rainforest with 'certificate of appreciation' wording in the corner on a scrollRise is proud to have been awarded a certificate of appreciation for our support in restoring the Daintree Rainforest.

We replaced our photocopiers earlier this year with more efficient units from Kyocera, a company dedicated reducing environmental waste.

We have been recognised as helping Kyocera and Rainforest Rescue restore the Daintree Rainforest. In real terms, this means that we have effectively planted 10 new trees.

Every little helps!

A warm welcome to our new volunteers!

flowers at either corner and the word 'welcome' in the centre on a white checked background

Rise would like to extend a warm welcome to some new volunteers who have joined the team recently. They are:

  • Florence Allen – Activity Assistant
  • Kathy Greenwood – Activity Assistant
  • Kerry Miller – Activity Assistant
  • Stewart Corcoran – Peer Support Course Volunteer

If you have any questions about Volunteering at Rise please contact Natasha on 6274 3700 or email Natasha.Zeplin@risenetwork.com.au.

Stratton Youth Centre gets a makeover thanks to Bridgestone

Bridgestone volunteers and Rise staff outside grafetti wall at Stratton Youth CentreRise was very excited to host the local Bridgestone Resources team at our Youth Centre in Stratton for a corporate volunteer day at the end of October.

Bridgestone’s corporate team eagerly participated in painting and furniture building competitions throughout the day to transform the centre into a fresh and interactive space for young people.

The walls were given a fresh coat of white paint and the centre now has a feature wall which is a black chalkboard. The young people absolutely love the new interactive chalkboard where they can express their creative side through drawing!

On behalf of the youth that are able to enjoy this fresh new space and the team at Rise, we thank Bridgestone for their energy and donation of the paint needed to complete the tasks. We look forward to working with you again soon!

Natasha Zeplin, Volunteer Coordinator, Dawn McAleenan, Youth Program Manager & Christopher Paull, Youth Outreach Officer

Rise Network Annual General Meeting Breakfast: Notice & Invitation

Please join us at our next ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING BREAKFAST, celebrating our achievements of the organisation and individuals during 2013 to 2014.

  • Time, Day & Date: 8am, Friday 31 October 2014
  • Location: Helen’s Place, 41A Great Northern Highway, Middle Swan WA 6056

Transport can be booked from Wahroonga, 2 Craig Street, Mundaring WA 6073.

To attend, please RSVP for catering purposes to Nita at 08- 6274 3710 by Friday, 17 October 2014.

If you would like a copy of the agenda or to book transport, please also contact Nita.

Download a copy of your INVITATION here.


Rise AGM Posters with email JPEG_Page_1



We are looking forward to acknowledging and celebrating the efforts and achievements of Carers.

Join us for Thai Chi, Massage and fab Lunch.

Monday 14th October
11am – 2:00pm

Connection Centre
1470 Stoneville Road, Mundaring

Call Kaz On 95725981 to book a spot for the day.

In Partnership with:
Carers WA
Lottery west

Connecting Up

RISE balloons







Partnering with Connecting Up (or Donortec as it was once known) has enabled Rise to better connect with the community through all of our different service areas:

Aged Care – supporting the elderly to live at home; reducing social isolation and improving wellbeing.

Youth – providing a domestic violence refuge for young mothers aged 14 – 18; working with youth to reengage in education and training; provide social interaction and develop supports; offer one on one support when facing homelessness.

People with Disabilities – providing group accommodation; in home support assisting independence; friendship and recreational support; and support in achieving individualised goals.
Mental Health – developing social skills and opportunity for friendship and community connections; support with daily-living activities; exploring housing options for those at risk of becoming homeless or for those that are homeless

Carers – providing overnight respite both in home and in Rise accommodation; Day time respite at our Social Centres for the elderly.

Over four years ago, Connecting up (with Lotterywest) partnered with Rise to:

  • Link its five main sites with a centralised server (rather than five separate storage servers) through CISCO switches and Microsoft Server/Exchange software;
  • Implement standardised and up-to-date MS Office software for all personnel;
  • Provide staff with offsite access to the server.

The benefits were multi-fold; streamlined communication (both internally and externally), improved off-site work capacity, a reduction in duplicated tasks and easier/faster access to records – the end result ensuring that Rise clients and the broader community were better serviced.

Since then, with Rise’s growth to more than 340 staff and 100 volunteers, the original infrastructure has been improved and replaced. All satellite sites (including group and respite homes) have now been linked into the server and there is an end goal in sight for all personnel to have Rise email access (through software provided by Connecting Up). Given that more than 200+ Rise personnel work off site, this will add yet another level of connection and support both for staff and for the community.

Through this ever evolving process, Connecting up has partnered with Rise and continued to walk alongside of us on the journey.

Diana Richards, Project Officer

FaCS Staff Exchange Program

RISE letters in forestRise recently took part in the FaCS Staff Exchange Program where we were fortunate enough to have a FaCS Direct Agency Support member, Sophie Parnell, visit our operations at Rise, and for our CFO, Polly Klante, to benefit from a reciprocal visit to the FaCS team at their offices.

Rise were excited to have Sophie visit us, as she was able to engage with teams from all of our core service areas plus our corporate team. In particular, the teams were able to share their experiences in submitting recent tenders and of how they work together with the various Government agencies that fund us. It was a great opportunity to share the general issues we face, what works and what has room for improvement.

On the return visit, Polly was able to get a good understanding of the various teams within FaCS and what role they all play in bringing about the DCSP Policy initiatives. A highlight of the day was a mock tender evaluation process which gave a good insight into the process that the various government agencies are following once they receive tender applications from NFPs such as ourselves, and what they are looking for in an application.

Rise feels fortunate to have been a part of this innovative program and learning experience and strongly believes that it can only help improve the working relations ships between NFPs and Government agencies as we all work together to provide great outcomes for our communities.

Polly Klante, CFO

Helen featured in Echo News


Helen from Rise was recently featured in the Echo News telling her story of how food has impacted our aged community at our Wahroonga Day Centre.

Helen says, ‘I’m not a dietician but I’ve been taking the time to learn about the healing properties of food, and I consider colours, shapes and portion sizes when designing a more interactive food program’.

Well done Helen.

Here’s her story on video.




Lotterywest Celebrate 80 Years of Giving to The Community

There was soft lighting, calorie-laden nibbles and shimmering frocks. The entertainment was high-brow, with the WASO trumpet section, the WA ballet, and Teddy Tahu Rhodes belting out opera and South Pacific.

CEOs and Board Chairs of WA’s non-profit organisations gathered in the Perth Convention Centre to rub shoulders with heads of Local and State Government to support Lotterywest in a fabulous evening of celebration.

Lotterywest were clearly very pleased with themselves to be holding such an event, and with good reason—they were recognising 80 years of giving to the community: $4bn to community causes and $12bn to lucky Lotto winners. This arrangement is unique to WA and is the envy of Not-For-Profit organisations in other States.

Who couldn’t be pleased with that?! Even Premier Colin Barnett, supported by Opposition Leader Roger Cook, hailed it as a truly bipartisan supported initiative rather than a political football.

Hankies came out as the stories of hardship, support and triumph over 80 years were told, one of which featured our own Tara Seaward and the work the team do at Kira House.

Lotterywest 80th Ann