If you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you may notice that it now looks different. That’s because we have launched a brand new website.

Our new and improved website is accessible, which means that it is built for people with visual difficulties (you can adapt the font size and background colours). In addition it is responsive, easily viewed on a mobile or tablet as well as a computer, with the pages adapting to fit whatever device you are using.

What else is new?

We’ve made it easier for the user to find out more about and understand each service area better with lots of external resources and glossaries.

People with Disability glossary webpage

There is also a brand new fundraising section called how can I help? which offers a range of opportunities for people to get involved with supporting Rise. You can find out about putting on a fundraising event using our handy guide, purchase a gift such as a school uniform or a driving lesson for a disadvantaged young people or get a team of budding colleagues together for a Corporate Volunteer day.

Image of Rise webpage for fundraising, donations and volunteers

Another new addition to the site is the events section. This is where we will promote the events we are holding and attending. These could be conferences, morning teas for volunteers or visiting a local community day with a Rise stall.

Helping you find the information you need

We’ve also introduced a new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) area, which provides information about NDIS and NDIS My Way. It explains what NDIS is, helps you to find out if you are eligible for NDIS and tells you about our NDIS services and locations.

Rise NDIS webpage showing each area we can help with

Why not head over to our home page here and check out our new look. We hope you like what you see and will be able to find what you’re looking for.