Our CEO Justine Colyer took part in her seventh Vinny’s CEO Sleepout. This event is designed to tip CEOs out of their comfy beds and into the WACA ground for a night to raise awareness about homelessness.

Justine raised $5080 – the highest amount over the seven years she has taken part in the event. Overall, WA raised a whopping $660,000.

Justine said

During the Sleepout, there were a number of presenters who told their story. One of these was Paris, who shared his story with honesty and humour. Paris grew up with domestic violence and was drinking by the age of nine and a meth and heroin user by his teens. He committed a number of offences and by his early 20s was in prison. Against all the odds, he started working on getting a degree and with the help of St Vinnies has completed it and is setting up his own business as a professional speaker.  If his performance on the night was anything to go by, he will be a standout. It really was a lesson that we should never, never give up on someone as everyone is capable of being a valuable and contributing member of society.

You can find out more about the sort of people who are helped through the Sleepout and how by listening to this story.

Justine added

To all my generous donors – thanks for the generous donations and words of encouragement. Your donations provide support to people like Paris who go on to make a happier and better WA.