What is the Peer Worker Course?

You may have heard about our recent Peer Worker Course here.

The Peer Worker Course is designed for people who have experienced mental illness and want to help others on their road to recovery.

Why choose this course?

Lived experience is at the heart of recovery and many people with that unique insight feel driven to use their experience to help others and give back to the workforce.

 What topics does the course cover?

The Peer Worker Course is an excellent introduction to peer work with participants covering a range of topics including:

  • Recovery Principles
  • Types of Peer Work
  • Understanding Mental Illness
  • Workplace Communication and Culture
  • Working with Small Groups
  • Goal Setting
  • The Peer Worker–Client Relationship
  • Conducting a Presentation
  • Looking After Your Health
  • Self-Management
  • Stigma
  • Debriefing
  • Mental Health Services; acronyms, jargon and resources

Success of our latest course

Rise is extremely proud to announce the success of its latest Peer Worker Course, which has been designed to give participants the opportunity to learn about mental health and the care sector.

Eleven participants from across Perth recently underwent six weeks of intense mental health training and graduated with a certificate of completion on Friday, December 2.

All 11 graduates successfully finished the course by sharing their lived experience on the final day of the course.

Their feedback has been extremely positive with one graduate commenting that the course, “exceeded expectations”.

Another participant told the facilitators,

I now have a clearer pathway for my future and know that I wish to work in the mental health sector.

All the participants felt that they made great connections with each other and with Rise as an organisation.

Rise hopes the graduates will now go onto further study through TAFE and eventually join WA’s growing peer workforce.

How to take part in the new Peer Worker Course

Preparation is also underway for Rise’s next Peer Worker Course, set to take place early next year.

We will post the new course time on our events page when it’s available.