Rise is currently undertaking Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training to increase cultural understanding across the organisation.

Cultural awareness

Ingrid Cumming from Codeswitch is working with Rise to deliver a number of workshops. The sessions are designed to help employees learn:

  • about Aboriginal culture
  • communication skills when working with Aboriginal Elders, families and their community
  • the importance of cultural protocols when working with Aboriginal communities
  • explore the perceptions, history, beliefs and identity related to Noongar culture and identity.

Diverse workplace

The organisation has a very diverse workplace. Of this Rise CEO Justine Colyer said

The range of experiences and views contribute to a well rounded and informed organisation. That’s why increasing our understanding of different cultures and perspectives is high on our list at Rise and we roll out regular training.

Rise is planning to employ an Indigenous Employment Specialist in the near future. This will assist with meeting the needs of indigenous clients.

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for aged care, people with disability, youth, mental health and housing. For more information click here.