Rise CEO Justine Colyer has shared her experience of mergers with the non-profit sector.

Justine was invited to be a guest speaker at a recent forum: The Future of Board Leadership Unconvention. Organised by Southcare, the event was held on Tuesday 14 March in the Perth CBD. Rise has been a long-term supporter of Southcare’s program to encourage younger people onto boards.

A number of mergers have occurred during Justine’s time as CEO at Rise. More mergers are planned to meet the organisation’s strategic goals.

In February 2016, Rise amalgamated with a disability organisation, We Can and in July of the same year it merged with Creative And Therapy Activities, now called Creative Arts by Rise. Work is also underway to merge with Home Help Local, a larger well-respected aged care provider based in Armadale.

Insight on mergers

Sharing her insight at the event, Justine was upfront about what worked, what hadn’t and what Rise was still learning. She acknowledged there was a lot of work and costs involved in getting things right and however much you plan, things will still not always go to plan.

Fellow CEO, Chris How, from Bethanie said it wasn’t whether you dropped the ball, but how well you managed to pick it up and keep going. Justine felt the best thing was to be willing to share lessons learned. Participants at the forum thanked her for her honesty and practical tips based on her experience.

The future of Rise

Rise has a Strategic Plan 2016-2020 which outlines four key areas. These are

  • Services
  • People
  • Foundations
  • Growth

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