Rise has launched a new project to improve technology for staff.

The two-year project will deliver a number of new systems. These are designed to increase efficiency through improved technology, so staff can focus on helping people live a great life.

Cirrus Networks

In December we announced that Cirrus Networks had been selected as implementation partner. The company will lead the project. Some of the improvements will be in record keeping, website, internal communications and client management systems.

Director of Corporate Services Simon Robbins said one of the big benefits would be staff being more mobile, so able to spend more time with people in the community, rather than in the office.

It’s important that staff have the right tools they need to do the best job they can.

Our clients will also benefit from more integrated systems and improved website.

ICT Launch

Over the past week several launch events have been held to inform staff about the project. Staff will be provided training in new systems. We look forward to providing improved systems for both our staff and those they help!