Rise has marked another successful year of operation with a fun-filled Annual General Meeting.

The AGM was held on 25th October, with more than 90 people attending. This included members, board, staff, friends in the sector and community members.

A celebration of people

The AGM was a celebration of our people. Two of our clients were interviewed by leadership group members to give an insight into their hobbies and successes.

Jarrad Dickerson spoke about his love of football and the revamped garden at Nobel House where he lives. Eathen Carruthers talked about Rise helping him become a published author. He had these inspiring words to tell the audience

Rise has helped me so much it brings a tear to the eye. If you’re looking smart and your reputation for being a gentleman makes you who you are and wherever you go, then your class of smarts will be bound for new heights. Whatever you wish to do or be take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else. Your life begins with that mysterious idea within.

Staff awards for service and values were also handed out. Mental Health Housing Coordinator Kristi Reinelt was awarded theinaugural Anna Alderson Award. This award honours the memory of Board Member and Board Chair Anna Alderson, who lived and breathed Rise’s values.

Another successful year

The celebration coincided with the release of the Annual Report 2016-2017.

Both Board Chair Alf Lay and Treasurer Chris Nicoloff spoke about the success Rise had achieved throughout the past financial year.

Chris said Rise had significant growth, with a strong working capital placing us in a good position. He said investment in new systems, such as the ICT Project currently underway, would help Rise deliver services for clients in the best way.

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for aged care, youth, people with disability, mental health and more. More information is available here.

If you would like a copy of our Annual Report, please visit the head office at 12 Leslie Road, Middle Swan.