With our Rise gardening team expanding in the past six months, our new gardeners are enjoying building relationships with clients.

We sat down with them recently to find out a bit more about why they love their job.

Rise gardening team

There are more than 10 members in our gardening team. They help people maintain their gardens and homes in a safe condition.

The teams usually travel in pairs, tidying gardens all over Perth.

Andrew is one of the newest members of the team. He joined Rise around two months ago and is fitting in well.

I love plants and nature and I take a lot of pride in my work. I like seeing the before and afters when we’ve done our work.

A big part of our job is building a relationship with clients.

John joined Rise in 2017, and he agrees with Andrew about the importance of relationships.

I’m a people person, and we’re a front-line service. I like having a joke with people. I get a lot of satisfaction from my job.

Rise gardening expands

Our gardening teams help aged care clients with:

  • sweeping, raking and blowing of paths and patios
  • shrub pruning
  • lawn mowing and whipper snipping
  • weeding and weed spraying
  • window cleaning (Exterior windows only)
  • minor maintenance of the property.

The Rise gardening team is expanding to help people in the northern suburbs. if you are aged 65+ and are eligible for help, please visit the website.