The staff at Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have dug deep for Kira House, providing generous donation to help young women.

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Within the Department are several networks which support different groups.

The Women’s Integrated Network chose to support domestic violence this year.

Staff members were searching for a worthy cause, and came across Rise. We operate Kira House, which is a safe house for young women from 14-18 years, many who are pregnant or with children.

Department Assistant Secretary Kerri Russ said it was nice to be able to assist a worthy cause.

As a national department, it is important to us that we contribute locally. My colleagues really connected to this cause and people were incredibly generous.

We collected five large boxes of goods and raised more than $1700. There was one individual and a family who both contributed large sums of money in particular, although they wanted to remain anonymous.

Kira House

Kira House Program Coordinator Michelle Kenny said Rise was incredibly touched by the generous donation.

A team from the department travelled to our head office to drop off the donations, which we are very grateful for. We were happy to tell them a bit more about what we do. This helped them understand just how the donations would be used. Monetary donations usually go towards recreation activities for young women in the house.

These are things like going to the movies or out for dinner, which are extras outside of essential funding. These activities can build up social and life skills. They also boost the confidence of the young women. A big thank you to everyone at the department who donated items and money to Kira House.

Rise Youth Services

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.