Staff at our respite cottage have been wearing pjs to work – but it’s all for a good reason!

Milperra Cottage is in the Perth Hills. It provides respite for the elderly, many who have dementia.

Wearing pjs to work

A new innovation has begun at Milperra to help reduce confusion for people living with dementia.

Aged Care Coordinator Karen Wittcomb said staff on night shift now wear their pjs!

The uniform change was implemented last month and is a non-verbal cue to guests that it is night time.

Some people who live with dementia can find it very confusing when they wake during the night.

They are disorientated and unsure as to what time of day or night it is. They may try to get dressed and feel quite sure their day has begun.

Staff thought wearing pjs on night shift was a great idea. They were on board with it as soon as it was suggested.

What a great idea!

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