A recent visit by the Australian Defence Force has inspired lots of young people!

Chef Laura and pilot trainee Caston stopped by Stratton Edge Youth Centre recently to share their experiences.

It was part of the school holiday activities run by Rise.

Australian Defence Force drops by

The young people got to hear about a huge range of opportunities the force offers. They heard all about Laura being a chef on board submarines.

She regularly travels from Perth to Singapore under the sea, which usually takes about 10 days. Laura shared how all staff are trained in many different areas so that they can rely on each other to fix anything in the sub.

Meanwhile, one of our young people was particularly interested in the adventures of Caston and how he went through the recruitment process.

The young person said she had a fantastic day and learnt a lot!

We got to look at all their uniforms, helmets and vests and they told us what goes in each section and how much it weighs.

Caston was also telling us about his experience in the training field in flying the aircrafts and told us about his time in Afghanistan.

It was the best day ever because being in the Airforce has been one of my biggest dreams for such a long long time and getting to meet someone in the Airforce really opened my eyes to what he had to say about his experience.

I now realise how long it takes to even get into one of those planes, this has just made me want to this even more. I can’t wait to get into one of those planes and start flying!

Wow, what an inspiring session, we can’t wait to see this young person follow her dreams!

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