Rise clients have been enjoying some robot therapy!

When Robot Buddy came to visit our southern social centre recently, and it was a total hit.

Robot therapy

Robot Buddy is a specially-designed therapy robot for aged care. It is great for all sorts of people too!

Guests at our social centre in the Armadale area got to experience the bots first hand.

Social Programs Coordinator Maryann Ellis said it was a hoot!

The robots use music and lights to encourage singing, dancing and social interaction.

Coleen spent time with us here at Yirra Mia, and we had fun! We will definitely be getting her back – everyone loved it, just look at the happy faces!

Robot Buddy uses dance styles and music that appeal to the target audience. Guests can copy the moves on their feet, or from their chair. And the music can bring back some great memories of times gone by!

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