Did you know that Australia is currently in the Aboriginal season of Djilba?

Djilba is one of the six Indigenous seasons. It runs throughout  August and September.

Djilba time in Australia

This is a transitional time of year. The days are starting to get longer and slightly warmer, but there is still much rain around.

The weather provides the perfect base for wildflower season! Native flowers start to flower, mostly yellow and cream flowers.

You can also spot some bright blues.

Djilba is also known as the season of conception. During this time new borns will start to appear. You can also hear the chirps of baby birds who are nest bound.

This is why the Koolbardi (magpie) becomes protective during this time, swooping on people and animals it deems a threat.

It is not the only bird acting this way! Djidi Djidi (willy wag tails) and the Chuck-a-luck (wattle birds) are other woodland birds that protect their young fiercely.

For the Aboriginal people who lived off the land, the main food sources during this season were Yongar (kangaroo), the Waitj (emu) and the Koomal (possum).

Rise celebrates culture

Rise has employed an Aboriginal Employment Consultant. Minyulo Bartlett is working to increase Aboriginal numbers in our workforce, and make our service attractive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are proud to celebrate all cultures and be inclusive for all. You can read more about our plans here.