Stratton Edge Youth Centre ran some workshops for young people to try their hand at advocacy and civic engagement through letter writing.

Advocacy workshops

At the first workshop the young people were asked to identify things that would benefit themselves and their community.

Then they had think about some reasons why their local representatives should take action.

Youth Worker Emily Wilding said

They came up with some great ideas and some even greater reasons why they should happen! It’s safe to say that our future is in good hands.

Emily provided a range of local, state and federal elected representatives options for the young people to address their letters to. Then they drafted some dot points of things they wanted to include in the letter.

In the follow-up workshop the young people expanded on their points and wrote their ideas into a letter.

Hot topics

There was a range of issues that young people at Stratton Edge wanted to let members of our local and state government know matter to them.

One was the need to upgrade and maintain the local skate park, basketball court and other recreational facilities that they use every week.

The other hot topic was the need to provide activities and services for young people under 12 years of age – something lacking at the moment.

As one of the participants said

It is unfair that there is nothing for kids that are under 12.

And lastly they identified the need to upgrade the youth centre with a computer they could use.

Next stage will be sending the letters!

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for young people including a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.