Our  Disability Coordinator Workshop was a great opportunity for us to share ideas and celebrate the successes of the people we support and our staff.


Disability Support Workshop



Our shared values are the core beliefs we use to make decisions. Living our values means we provide quality support.

The team talked about how Rise values drive what we do and how we do it everyday.

Integrity: We do the right thing.

Respect: We listen and trust.

Welcoming: We offer a place to belong.

Optimism: We are hopeful and confident.Disability Support Workshop


The team demonstrated their creative side and had lots of fun using Playdoh to make items  that reflect these values.

Celebrating people

Staff shared some inspiring stories of goals their clients have achieved, as well as some fantastic feedback they have received from members of the community.

Rise Values

Celebrating people we support is our vision if you would like to learn more about how we can support you or someone you know with a disability please click on this link or contact us at:

ph: (08) 6274 3700