I just love it! I love the company, the staff and the volunteers are just magical. The social gatherings just lift me.

June has been attending her Wembley Community Centre for over 5 years. She is one of the regulars who enjoys meeting people and sharing a cuppa. The group often head out together for lunch or a day trip. They’ve also organised overnight trips around WA.

Usually we go out for lunch, to a local hotel or restaurant. Sometimes a picnic. The restaurant at Joondalup was amazing. We’ve been to WAAPA, Penrose College and Heathcote.

Brian (pictured front left) has been attending his Wembley Community Centre for over 12 years. He’s travelled with the group all over Perth and the south west. Including a fishing trip to Busselton Jetty and a tour around Margaret River.

There’s such a nice group of ladies here and I’m a bit of a ladies man. It’s really the main thing to fill in time. It gives me something to do. Today we are going to Gosnells Hotel. Sometimes picnics.

Diane is a great-great grandmother and enjoys meeting like minded people in her community.

I was sitting at home doing nothing and I heard about this place and it’s just lovely.

It gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

I think one of the hardest things for people our age is to fill our lives. We’ve had busy lives working. I don’t believe in just staying at home looking after the grandchildren, actually my great-grandchildren.

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