Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The Rise Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) provides information on how we are developing strategies to ensure an accessible and inclusive environment for all the people we support.

Hard copies and alternate format versions of Rise’s DAIP are available by contacting the Executive Officer via email: eo@risenetwork.com.au or phone: 08-6274 3715.

We welcome all feedback on the development of further strategies to enhance inclusion for the people we support. To send us your feedback, please contact the Executive Officer.

Accessibility on our website

The Web is an increasingly important resource for many aspects of life and in our situation, finding support services for life.

Therefore, we understand, that making our website more accessible on various platforms; from computers to tablets, and in particular for those with a disability or aged, is highly important.

We have therefore incorporated into this website the following accessibility mechanisms:


Providing both contrast and taking away the colours from the headings and text, allows for those with different types of colour blindness, or those with a visual impairment to view the important information with less strain.

The increasing user base of the Web are those over the age of 50. From this age, visual impairment becomes common, and therefore providing contrast becomes critical.

Text Resizing

Both the mechanism and the development of the site accommodates the font size increase from 10 to 16 point. On each size upgrade this makes the information clearer for the user.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Plenty of people use keyboards only due to their inability to see a mouse cursor. When this happens, they need keyboard shortcuts to navigate properly.

A shortcut code list allows them to use the arrow keys and a few other keys to work their way through the website.

Accessibility on Facebook

Facebook has a complete shortcut system for the visually impaired.