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Crisis accommodation Perth

Rise and other leading organisations stand together to end domestic violence

Rise is jointly leading the way, with other Not for Profits, in identifying what needs to be done to prevent violence against women and children.

Violence against women and their children is a major public health issue. It requires the same focus and attention as other successful health campaigns, such as smoking.

Stand together

Let’s stand together and support our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Rise is part of a Roundtable that have created a clear message and call to action for the next Federal government to commit to ending domestic violence. The final document can be read here.

Supporting women

Rise supports young women (14-18 years) and their children who need a safe home and some guidance following family violence. For more information click here.

disability supported accommodation perth

Rise supported accommodation for people with a disability

Rise has a number of supported accommodation options for people with a disability.

Supported accommodation

We provide more than just a home for people with a disability – we offer a place to belong.

Rise has accommodation all over Perth. From Waikiki to Ellenbrook, we also have many homes in the Swan area.

Rise General Manager Shaun Mays said the supported accommodation is tailored to each individual.

We are committed to finding the right people for the right houses.

We want to make sure that our homes are harmonious. This gives everyone the best chance to live happy lives and reach their goals.

Our homes are modern, comfortable and well equipped.

Shaun said Rise currently had a few houses searching for people to call them home. Each house lists the ideal age, gender and attributes of the individual. You can find out more about our current supported accommodation options for people with a disability here.

For more information about our houses please contact:

Anita Young
0417 209 246

Rise disability services

Rise supports people with a disability, with individual care, accommodation and more. To find out more click here.

School holidays are nearly here!

Join the crew at Stratton Edge for some FREE activities during the upcoming school holidays


Mon 15th April 12pm – 3pm
Skate Jam & PCYC Bus – Stratton

Tues 16th April 3.30pm – 8pm
Youth Week Event – Ellenbrook

Wed 24th April 1pm – 4pm
Fair Game Workshop – Stratton

Fri 26th April 5.15pm – 8.45pm
Dinner & Movies – Midland

Pick up and drop off is at Stratton Skate Park.

To reserve a place please email Skye your signed permission slip from this link.

Skye (Youth Activities Coordinator) on 0448 067 925 or 08 6274 3788 or email skye.groenveld@risenetwork.com.au .

Supported Accommodation Rise

Nobel House Open Day a huge success

Nobel House is a six bedroom fully accessible respite and short stay home in the beautiful Perth Hills. Nobel House is designed for those times when you, your family or care giver need a bit of additional support.

The Open Day was the ideal occasion for the community to come together for a barbecue lunch, learn all about the support that’s available and to share ideas so that we can better support people.

WOW , what a  fun day! It was great to meet so many clients and their families , and to chat with them about how we can support individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations whilst staying at Nobel House.

Toni Tejada, Respite Coordinator

A special thank you to all the respite clients who helped set up on the day, especially to Belinda, the Master Chef , who cooked the beautiful barbecue lunch!

Due to the success, Nobel  House will be holding an annual Open Day. Don’t miss out on the next event.

Rise provides a range of respite options to support you. Respite care can be arranged for a few hours, a few days or even for longer periods. For more information click here.


Good friends & good times

I lost my husband, son and daughter. I live with my great-granddaughter and great-great-granddaughter.

Coming here to the club has made a big difference to my life. It’s changed my life.

I can laugh, join in with people it’s something to look forward to. I never used to go anywhere.

We love having Betty at her southern social centre, Yirra Mia. She takes part in many of the daily outings and social activities.


Jim enjoys catching up with his mates every Tuesday. The group often head out together for lunch or a day trip.

It’s good to get out and talk to people. I get fed up staying at home. I’d rather go out and talk to the boys. We went to Carlisle Hotel last week. Yesterday fish and chips.


Shirley has just joined the social centre and enjoys sharing a cuppa and a chat.

This is my second time here. It’s good. You’re not sitting at home looking at yourself. There are nice people to talk to and it gets your brain going. It’s not so lonely now.

Support Services

Rise provides numerous aged support services, which include social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

Celebrating Volunteers Rise Photo Shoot

Celebrating people photo shoot

Rise’s first “Celebrating People” book was published in 2016. It is now an annual tradition. An opportunity to share the stories of the people we support, our volunteers and our staff.

We received lots of suggestions of inspiring people to include in this year’s book and recently wrapped up the first day’s shoot for 2019.

Starting at the Peter Anderton social centre we photographed some of the humble volunteers who give so much of their time to support their community. These volunteers shared some fascinating stories about their backgrounds and passion for supporting people.

At Centenary house, we listened to some of our older Australians share their knowledge and life experience. The Aboriginal Elders showcased some of their beautiful artwork for our cameras.

We visited the Bounce group and heard about their sports activities and other programs to increase community belonging and socialisation.

Finally, the young crew who live in Ellenbrook invited us into their home to capture some images as they went about their daily activities.

We captured some magical moments and met some amazing people. We are now busy collating and putting together their stories for the third Celebrating People Book.

In the meantime, copies of last year’s book are available from Helen’s Place at 12 Leslie Road, Middle Swan. You also can read regular stories on our blog.

Rise provides services for the aged, youth, people with a disability and those facing mental health challenges. For more information visit our homepage.

A welcoming place to make friends

I just love it! I love the company, the staff and the volunteers are just magical. The social gatherings just lift me.

June has been attending her Wembley Community Centre for over 5 years. She is one of the regulars who enjoys meeting people and sharing a cuppa. The group often head out together for lunch or a day trip. They’ve also organised overnight trips around WA.

Usually we go out for lunch, to a local hotel or restaurant. Sometimes a picnic. The restaurant at Joondalup was amazing. We’ve been to WAAPA, Penrose College and Heathcote.

Brian (pictured front left) has been attending his Wembley Community Centre for over 12 years. He’s travelled with the group all over Perth and the south west. Including a fishing trip to Busselton Jetty and a tour around Margaret River.

There’s such a nice group of ladies here and I’m a bit of a ladies man. It’s really the main thing to fill in time. It gives me something to do. Today we are going to Gosnells Hotel. Sometimes picnics.

Diane is a great-great grandmother and enjoys meeting like minded people in her community.

I was sitting at home doing nothing and I heard about this place and it’s just lovely.

It gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

I think one of the hardest things for people our age is to fill our lives. We’ve had busy lives working. I don’t believe in just staying at home looking after the grandchildren, actually my great-grandchildren.

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which include social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

Living our values

Our  Disability Coordinator Workshop was a great opportunity for us to share ideas and celebrate the successes of the people we support and our staff.


Disability Support Workshop



Our shared values are the core beliefs we use to make decisions. Living our values means we provide quality support.

The team talked about how Rise values drive what we do and how we do it everyday.

Integrity: We do the right thing.

Respect: We listen and trust.

Welcoming: We offer a place to belong.

Optimism: We are hopeful and confident.Disability Support Workshop


The team demonstrated their creative side and had lots of fun using Playdoh to make items  that reflect these values.

Celebrating people

Staff shared some inspiring stories of goals their clients have achieved, as well as some fantastic feedback they have received from members of the community.

Rise Values

Celebrating people we support is our vision if you would like to learn more about how we can support you or someone you know with a disability please click on this link or contact us at:

ph: (08) 6274 3700


Aboriginal aged care services

Our Moorditj members are a gold mine of wisdom

Rise’s Moorditj, Yirra Mia group includes some exceptionally talented artists and passionate support staff. Raelene is one of the inspiring Support Workers that enjoys a chat and is happy to share her wisdom.

Painting is the most meditative thing ever. You just zone into it. This is an air view of the serpent travelling through Australia. One big snake going through the water.

The Elders are also supported by Tarrita.

Working in an environment like this has been amazing. I feel like I’m in a gold mine being here amongst the Elders! There is so much I can learn from them. It’s all about humbling yourself.


Aboriginal aged care services

I like working with the older people. It reminds me of being back at home in Torres Strait.

I’m really getting to know more indigenous people of Australia. There are similarities between all cultures. Respect your Elders. Look after your Elders. It’s pinned into us at a young age.

If you catch fish and your baskets full of fish you have to drop off fish to all the Elders on the trail as you head home. It doesn’t matter if you only have one fish left.

Aboriginal Connection

The Moorditj, Yirra Mia group have a strong history of telling the members stories through art and sharing culture with younger generations. If you would like to learn more, please click on this link or contact:

Gerry Selvey

Program Co-Ordinator


D: 08 65580822



Supported Accommodation

What makes a house a home?

A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.


Supported Accommodation

James and Ciaran  are getting ready for the day. James dreams while listening to Shania Twain. She’s one of his favourite singers and he loves to talk about the Shania concert he and his family attended.

James is so cheeky and fun. He can also be really serious. He is the unofficial boss of this place. He’s a very cheeky monkey (Alex, Support Worker)

Ciaran makes sure the house stays neat and tidy. Everything must be put back in its rightful place. He loves to relax on his swing in the morning sun.

Today, James and Ciaran are supported by Angie and Lovena.

Support Worker

Angie started with Rise in February 2016 and is passionate about supporting the lads.

I enjoy having conversations and building relationships with the clients. Me and James will sit for hours and have conversations about stuff.


Supported Accommodation

Lovena also joined Rise in 2016.

Two of my best mates work here, in this house. It’s the people. You can’t do this job without liking people.

This morning she is listening to Ciaran explain some of his favourite food on his IPad.

Are you or someone you know with a disability looking for a place to call home?

You can find out more about our supported accommodation opportunities here.

Alternatively, please contact:

Anita Young
0417 209 246