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Homeless connect

Rise helps homeless connect to services

Rise has been helping the homeless connect to essential services in Perth.

This week Rise was part of the Homeless Connect Perth event in the city.

Homeless Connect

The event is a partnership between Volunteering WA and the City of Perth. It is a one-stop-shop of services for homeless people.

Homeless Connect brings together volunteers, government, community groups and businesses. They provide a range of free essential services to people who are or who are at risk of homelessness.

This includes

  • accommodation assistance
  • counselling
  • legal advice
  • free GP, dental, podiatry and optometry services
  • financial counselling
  • free shop facility with food, clothing, and toiletries
  • personal hygiene – haircuts and showers)
  • meal service
  • sporting and arts activities.

The Rise Mental Health team was involved in the event and had a stall. Many of the people we support are at risk of homelessness.

Mental Health Service Coordinator Nina Martin said it was a wonderful day out for everyone.

There was such a buzz at our stall and it was great to see so many people helped. We handed out mini toiletries and had the chance for lots of meaningful connections and sharing information about our services.

Rise helps the homeless

This year Rise staff helped to collect items which were handed out on the day. Keryn from the Mental Health Team was part of the Essentials for Women campaign.

Donations of new women’s underwear, sanitary items and toiletries were collected and handed out at Homeless Connect.

For the first time, some of our clients across the mental health and youth divisions benefited from the donations.

Keryn said she it was the second year she had been involved. She was impressed by the number of donations from Rise staff.

Thanks again to everyone who donated items, with so many essential Essential for Women goodies helping our clients.

Essentials for women

Rise services

Rise provides a number of mental health services. This includes individual support, peer support and housing. For more information click here.


Skate comp tests skills at Stratton Edge

A skate comp at Stratton Edge Youth Centre recently put the skills of young people to the test.

Nearly 40 youths took part in the Skateboard, Scooter and BMX Competition. Freestyle Now hosted five coaching workshops and one Open Jam Trick competition in the lead up to the big day.

Skate comp gets competitive

Youth Program Activities Coordinator Skye Groenveld said everyone was welcome to take part, with varying skill levels and ages joining in.

Freestyle Now did a fantastic job running the competition day. They had MC, two experienced judges and other staff members who were behind the scenes making sure all went smoothly.

The turn out was fantastic and the young people managed to settle their nerves enough to show off their incredible flips and tricks.

More than $1300 worth of prizes were given out to the young people. A huge thanks goes to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries who made this event possible through a grant we received from them. Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.

Youth worker Caius Ghinescu said it was an action-packed day.

We had music, BBQ, drinks and fresh fruit for the young competitors and they had blast.

Rise Youth services

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.


Cat Haven Jack and jenny

Cat Haven brings joy of pet companionship

A unique partnership with the Cat Haven is allowing Rise clients to enjoy the company of cats.

Rise is pleased to be part of Cat Haven‘s companion cat program. Friendly and confident cats are chosen to live in a variety of situations such as aged care and disability homes. Rise has two disability homes involved in the program.

Cat Haven provides companionship

Cat Haven External Adoption Centres Coordinator Louise Hildred said ragdoll Jack had been placed at Redgum House in Morley.

Here, he has formed a special bond with one of our residents, Jenny. Louise said Jack was frightened on arrival to the Cat Haven.

Jack is special to me, as I brought him to Cat Haven myself. Jack was advertised as free to a good home on Gumtree, and I spotted the ad.

We took him into our admin office and he came right out of his shell! We quickly realised what a funny, quirky personality he had and how beautiful his nature was.

Louise said around this time the Cat Haven was asked by Rise about the possibility of a companion cat.

It was perfect timing and we all knew he would be a perfect fit! I absolutely love to visit all of our companion cats in their homes.

All of these cats have come to Cat Haven with a sad story and no home. To see them in homes, all safe and loved and know that they provide happiness and enrichment to people who need it is a part of my job that I absolutely love.

Jenny and Jack

Redgum House Senior Denise Warner said Jenny had a special bond with Jack.

The relationship between Jenny and Jack is one of friendship, affection and security. Jack makes Jenny feel loved, secure and gives a calm effect. They loved to play and sit on the bed to watch movies together.

Jack had made Redgum his home and the residents are more relaxed and happy with him around. He has had a positive effect in the house and everyone just loves him.

Rise disability services

Rise supports people with a disability, with individual care and accommodation. To find out more click here.

Seniors week

Seniors Week full of fun and laughter

Rise has celebrated Seniors Week 2017 with fun, laughter, and several tears as well.

All of our social centres combined for two great days out.

Seniors Week a hit

At Peter Anderton Centre in Forrestfield, staff organised a cultural day.

Guests enjoyed dancing by students at Hampton Senior High School. They also heard from law student and dancer Bree Yarran. Bree went on a journey to trace her family heritage, leading to a mission in the state’s south west. This was turned into a documentary, which was shown to guests. A few tears were shed as it was such a moving story of strength and resilience.

Bree’s family was at the cultural day and shared many artifacts and photographs. Our guests then enjoyed kangaroo tail stew and other traditional foods. There was a huge buzz in the air on the day.

cultural day

Armadale enjoys food trucks

Later in the week, all the centres combined again for a day out in Armadale. Guests enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch, with an ice cream van and coffee van providing tasty treats!

In the afternoon there was quizzes galore and lots of prizes to be won. It was fabulous to see all the centres join together so people could make new friends.

seniors week

Rise aged care services

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which includes social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.


Shaun Mays

Rise General Manager elected to GRAI board

Rise is proud to share that one of our General Managers has been elected to the GRAI board.

Shaun Mays was elected to the position on at the recent GRAI Annual General Meeting.

GRAI board member

GRAI is a WA group which supports older people with diverse sexualities and gender identities.

Shaun said he was happy to be elected to the board because it was a great opportunity to use his professional experience with his commitment to increasing the inclusiveness of LGBTI people in human services.

I have a great respect for my older lesbian and gay peers. I fully appreciate that their struggles and sacrifice have paved the way for the rights that all LGBTI people (including myself) enjoy today.

As a new General Manager at Rise, which works in the area of aged care, I think it is important to provide the best and most inclusive level of care to all our clients. I’m keen to learn more about how we can best do that at Rise.

Strong volunteer ties

Shaun has previously been a board member for a diverse range of non-for-profits. This includes the Youth Affairs Council of WA and the WA Network for Alcohol and other Drug Agencies.

I’ve also been active as a volunteer on the boards of different community organisations for the past 20 years.

The GRAI board is a diverse range of people. I’m excited to be a part of this team and work together to create the best care we can for people in the community – not just for LGBTI people but all minorities.

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for aged care, youth, people with disability, mental health and more. More information is available here.

Rise AGM 2017

Rise marks a successful year with celebration

Rise has marked another successful year of operation with a fun-filled Annual General Meeting.

The AGM was held on 25th October, with more than 90 people attending. This included members, board, staff, friends in the sector and community members.

A celebration of people

The AGM was a celebration of our people. Two of our clients were interviewed by leadership group members to give an insight into their hobbies and successes.

Jarrad Dickerson spoke about his love of football and the revamped garden at Nobel House where he lives. Eathen Carruthers talked about Rise helping him become a published author. He had these inspiring words to tell the audience

Rise has helped me so much it brings a tear to the eye. If you’re looking smart and your reputation for being a gentleman makes you who you are and wherever you go, then your class of smarts will be bound for new heights. Whatever you wish to do or be take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else. Your life begins with that mysterious idea within.

Staff awards for service and values were also handed out. Mental Health Housing Coordinator Kristi Reinelt was awarded theinaugural Anna Alderson Award. This award honours the memory of Board Member and Board Chair Anna Alderson, who lived and breathed Rise’s values.

Another successful year

The celebration coincided with the release of the Annual Report 2016-2017.

Both Board Chair Alf Lay and Treasurer Chris Nicoloff spoke about the success Rise had achieved throughout the past financial year.

Chris said Rise had significant growth, with a strong working capital placing us in a good position. He said investment in new systems, such as the ICT Project currently underway, would help Rise deliver services for clients in the best way.

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for aged care, youth, people with disability, mental health and more. More information is available here.

If you would like a copy of our Annual Report, please visit the head office at 12 Leslie Road, Middle Swan.

Josh superhero

Josh loves superheroes and the outdoors

HULK HULK HULK! This is something you can hear Josh saying frequently – as he loves superheroes!

Josh (23) lives in Bennett Springs in one of the many homes run by Rise. Nestled in a suburban street, this beautiful home is light, airy and has a great patio out the back.

Superheroes and bushwalks

Josh is a big fan of the Marvel series. He loves Hulk, Spiderman and many others.

When we visit his house, Josh proudly shows us his figurines.

His support worker Naninga Onesimo is savvy with the characters. He names all of them on Josh’s wristband and together they shout HULK HULK HULK.

This gets a huge smile from Josh. As does looking at the pictures we’ve taken of him, and the selfies together.

Naninga tells us all of Josh’s other favourite things to do.

He loves to catch public transport and do things outdoors. We go for bush walks and he likes animal farms too.

After our visit, Josh is off to the shops for one of his favourite drinks – iced coffee – followed by lunch in Ellenbrook. We love supporting people and seeing them live a great life!

Rise disability services

Rise supports people with a disability, with individual care and accommodation. To find out more click here.

Charles matchsticks

Matchsticks a life-long hobby for Charles

Rise client Charles Mackey has always used his hands to make things. As a fitter and turner by trade, it’s just something that comes naturally to him.

So 50 years ago when his wife was using matches to light the gas stove, he saw an opportunity.

His wife would save the matchsticks in a tin, and when there was a big enough pile, Charles would make things. Lots of things.

It started with a tray. Then coasters. Cars, and trains. And he creates pieces on a grand scale too, making several coffee table tops in his time and using up to 5000 matchsticks a piece.

He meticulously lines up the matchsticks, creating square patterns on an MDF board. Once the pattern is complete, the matchsticks are sanded, smoothed, varnished and protected. Hours and hours of fiddly work.

His favourite piece is a replica of the childhood house he grew up in.

I grew up in Queensland in an old house on stilts, with stairs out the back and the front. I copied the design from a picture I had.

Enter Parkinson’s Disease

Twenty two years ago, Charles was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. For a bloke in a physical job, tremors were not ideal. He loved his career, working in both the Weetbix and Marmite factories here in Perth after a transfer from the east.

But combined with balance problems it was too dangerous for Charles to continue and he was forced into early retirement at 46 years of age.

Charles persevered with his matchstick creations for a while.

The shaking and involuntary movements got too much and I got frustrated. I had to stop.

Deep brain stimulation

Charles was told by his doctor that he was a prime candidate for deep brain stimulation. Nine years ago a small device was inserted under the skin near his right clavicle. Wires run up his neck into his skull. For Charles, it’s been a life changer.

It pulses at 130 pulses a minute, but you can’t feel it. I have a controller so I can turn it off and on but I leave it on, which is what my doctor told me. It changed everything and the tremors stopped. I could go back to doing everything again, just like before.

Charles was able to continue building things at home. They converted the garage to a fifth bedroom where he and his wife share a craft room. He got back into the shed to enjoy using the wood and metal lathes there. And he returned to making matchstick creations, which he finds relaxing.

There’s been a few bumps along this journey, with flat batteries in the stimulator landing Charles is hospital and seeing a return of the tremors until he could get in for surgery.

Respite care

Two or three times a year, Charles travels to Milperra Cottage in Mount Helena for a little rest and relaxation. He gets spoilt and looked after by our staff, while his wife gets a mini break too.

Here amongst the leafy surrounds, Charles enjoys the chance to crack on with some matchstick art and reading, while making new friends staying at Milperra.

Life ahead for Charles and his wife holds lots of promise. While they are downsizing and selling the family home and shed, their new house is closer to one of their three children. And their youngest grandchild of seven, who they look after once a week.

Charles has a great hobby he continues using his hands for, and his mind ticking over. All possible thanks to modern medicine.

Rise aged care

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which includes social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

Tour de Gracetown Kira House

Tour De Gracetown helps women in need

Four men are taking on the Tour de Gracetown this month and raising funds for women in need at the same time.

Ken, Michael, Kim and Phil will participate in a grueling 110km bike ride in the south west. The funds they raise will go to Kira House, which is a safe house run by Rise.

Tour de Gracetown

Ken said the group had been training hard ahead of the ride. This includes rides in the Perth Hills, with a recent trek through Death Valley in Gidgegannup.

Ken said the reasons for choosing Kira House to donate the funds to was simple.

We were looking for someone local. We’ve all got happy, healthy 20-something daughters so it seems sensible to help out some less fortunate young women.

The group aim to raise $5000 for Kira House. They have currently raised more than $2000. You can donate to their GoFundME page. Best of luck gentlemen and thank you for your kind donations!

Kira House

Kira House is a 24-hour crisis house for young women aged between 14 and 18 years. These women, who may have accompanying children, are leaving a violent family or domestic situation.

Our Kira House staff offer women the support they need leaving home and help prepare them for everyday and future goals.

You can find out more information about Rise Youth Services here.

Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week full of colour and fun

Mental Health Week 2017 was full of colour and fun as Rise took part in several events.

Rise has a Mental Health Team who support people to live a great life.

During Mental Health Week Rise was at many events, talking about our services and promoting ways to stay healthy.

Mental Health Week

The week began with a stand at Midland Community Mental Health. Here there was a big focus on the importance of peer work and mental health recovery.

On World Mental Health Day, Rise sponsored a Celebration stall in Forrest Place. It was a colourful stand complete with giant Jenga, fresh flowers, fake grass and a wellness activity.

Shadow Assistant Minister for Mental Health Deborah O’Neill stopped by to learn more about Rise and all that we do. We spoke to hundreds of people over the day and we hope our stand made them smile.

Zoo visit

On Wednesday our Mental Health Explore Group took a special visit to Perth Zoo! This event was generously funded by WAAMH. Support worker Kerryn said it was a great day out for both the staff and clients, with the weather holding out.

The highlights were definitely the elephants and the meerkats. Some of our clients hadn’t been to the zoo since they were kids. The longest was 25 years for one client!

Mindfulness event

Rise staff focused on being mentally healthy by having a mindfulness session. Many staff really appreciated this and the mental health team will do this together once a month going forward.

Rise staff also joined Midland Community Mental Health for lunch, where some of the team won prizes in a raffle. There was a speech from the Psychiatrist at MCMH focusing on recovery and how we all need to have hope in our recovery journey.

later in the week we also had a stall set up at St John of God in Midland where again there was a lot of interest in what we do. What a busy week!

Rise Mental Health

Rise provides a number of mental health services. This includes individual support, peer support and housing. For more information click here.