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Supported Accommodation

What makes a house a home?

A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.


Supported Accommodation

James, Ciaran and Gareth are getting ready for the day. James dreams while listening to Shania Twain. She’s one of his favourite singers and he loves to talk about the Shania concert he and his family attended.

James is so cheeky and fun. He can also be really serious. He is the unofficial boss of this place. He’s a very cheeky monkey (Alex, Support Worker)

Ciaran makes sure the house stays neat and tidy. Everything must be put back in its rightful place. He loves to relax on his swing in the morning sun.

Gareth  is busy getting ready and making breakfast before he heads out for the day.


Supported Accommodation

Supported Accommodation

Today, James, Ciaran and  Gareth are supported by Angie and Lovena.

Support Worker

Angie started with Rise in February 2016 and is passionate about supporting the lads.

I enjoy having conversations and building relationships with the clients. Me and James will sit for hours and have conversations about stuff.


Supported Accommodation

Lovena also joined Rise in 2016.

Two of my best mates work here, in this house. It’s the people. You can’t do this job without liking people.

This morning she is listening to Ciaran explain some of his favourite food on his IPad.

Are you or someone you know with a disability looking for a place to call home?

You can find out more about our supported accommodation opportunities here.

Alternatively, please contact:

Anita Young
0417 209 246

Celebrating Birak

Now December has started we are in the Noongar season of Birak. Known as first summer, Birak is also called season of the young.

Birak is when the rains ease up, the warm weather really starts to take hold and the afternoons are cooled by sea breezes from the southwest.

Burning time

An almost clockwork style of easterly winds in the morning and sea breezes in the afternoon, meant that traditionally this was the burning time of year for Noongars.

They would burn the country in mosaic patterns to reduce fuel, increase grazing pastures for some animals, aid in seed germination for some plants, and to make it easier to travel across the country.

The fires also forced Yonga (kangaroo), karda (goanna) and small marsupials into the open where they could be hunted.

Birak is often represented by the colour red to symbolise heat, sun and fire.

Season of the young

You will see many fledglings venturing out of nests in Birak – though many stay close to their parents such as magpies and parrots.

With rising temperatures and less rainfall, it’s also a time for baby frogs to complete their transformation into adulthood.

Look out for reptiles that will be shedding their old skin for a new one.

Traditionally Banskia flowers were gathered for the honey. A sweet party mead called Mangite was made by steeping Poolgaria flowers (Bull Banksia, Banksia grandis) in water until they fermented.
The sweet, salty fruit of the Bain (pigface, Carpobrotus viriscens) were also collected.

Rise celebrates culture

Rise has employed a Diversity Employment Coordinator Minyulo Bartlett, who is working to increase Aboriginal numbers in our workforce, and make our service attractive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are proud to celebrate all cultures and be inclusive for all. You can read more about our plans here.

Rise Board AGM 2018

Celebrating Rise at the AGM

Rise celebrated all the year’s achievements at our 2018 Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM

Our AGM is a great opportunity to celebrate all things Rise – our staff, our Board, our volunteers, our services and, of course, our members.

We released our new Annual Report, which will be available online soon, and welcomed a newly elected Board member to the Rise family – Charlie Gunningham.

It’s been a busy year!

This year has been another busy one full of growth and positive achievements.

Our wonderful Chair, Alf Lay thanked everyone for their great efforts. He also reminded us that this year Rise has gone through some amazing growth. Highlights include:

  • successfully integrating the former Home Help Local operations into our business
  • incorporating other contracts previously delivered by the City of Kalamunda and Town of Cambridge
  • developing and introducing our new ICT system and
  • coming to terms with the NDIS and the changes it has brought to the way we do business.

The value of diversity

Our CEO Justine Colyer said

Rise staff and the people we support continued to demonstrate to the rest of the community the value of diversity and that we all have fantastic talents and skills that contribute to society. We are so much more than an organisation funded to provide services – we are changing people’s perceptions about what community is.

We love what we do, and we like to think it shows!

Rise services

Rise provides services for young people, the aged, people with a disability and those facing mental health challenges. For more information visit the website.

Mary Kenney - volunteer

Special volunteering milestone celebrated

Rise presented Mary Kenney with a 20 years service pin this week to commemorate her many years of volunteering.

Celebrating volunteers

We love to celebrate our volunteers!

Volunteers play a huge role at Rise and always have done. This week’s International Volunteer Day provides a great time to acknowledge and celebrate our Rise volunteers at a range of events held across the metro area.

Special volunteering milestone

As a part of Rise’s celebrations we acknowledged a very special volunteer – Mary Kenney.

Mary has been volunteering at Rise for 20 years!

Rise Program Manager Debbie Armstead presented Mary with some lovely flowers, a 20 year service pin and some vouchers to thank her for her years of service.

Mary has been a great support to both our staff and our members at Wahroonga, one of Rise’s aged care social centres.

Mary said

I love volunteering, it makes me feel good that I’ve helped out in some way.

Mary is always happy to help in any way that is asked of her – and she does it with a lovely smile on her face.

Why not join Mary?

Are you interested in volunteering?

We need and appreciate people with all different kinds of gifts, abilities and passions.

You can do anything from driving our minibuses so people we support can enjoy days out, taking clients to medical appointments, supporting a person with a disability at one of our supported houses, or simply offering companionship at our social centres

There are heaps of volunteer opportunities at Rise so there is bound to be something that suits you!

Want more info?

There are nearly 200 volunteers here at Rise, helping to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form. You can also contact Volunteer Coordinator Lisa on 9399 1111 or lisa.begley@risenetwork.com.au.

advocacy workshops for young people

Advocacy workshops for young people

Stratton Edge Youth Centre ran some workshops for young people to try their hand at advocacy and civic engagement through letter writing.

Advocacy workshops

At the first workshop the young people were asked to identify things that would benefit themselves and their community.

Then they had think about some reasons why their local representatives should take action.

Youth Worker Emily Wilding said

They came up with some great ideas and some even greater reasons why they should happen! It’s safe to say that our future is in good hands.

Emily provided a range of local, state and federal elected representatives options for the young people to address their letters to. Then they drafted some dot points of things they wanted to include in the letter.

In the follow-up workshop the young people expanded on their points and wrote their ideas into a letter.

Hot topics

There was a range of issues that young people at Stratton Edge wanted to let members of our local and state government know matter to them.

One was the need to upgrade and maintain the local skate park, basketball court and other recreational facilities that they use every week.

The other hot topic was the need to provide activities and services for young people under 12 years of age – something lacking at the moment.

As one of the participants said

It is unfair that there is nothing for kids that are under 12.

And lastly they identified the need to upgrade the youth centre with a computer they could use.

Next stage will be sending the letters!

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for young people including a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

seniors week 2018 bollywood event

Bollywood comes to Rise!

Rise celebrated seniors week by having a special Bollywood themed event in Mundaring.

We combined staff and guests from three Rise social centres to come together and have a fabulous day of fun!

Bollywood dancing

The theme for the day was Bollywood with staff dressing up in colourful sparkly costumes and decorations inside and outside the venue getting us all in the mood.

To start off there was a scrumptious morning tea with home baked scones, followed by a performance from the Bollywood Dance Studio that had lots of toes tapping.

Then our visitors from the dance studio invited people to get up and learn how to dance – Bollywood style!

Many members and staff threw themselves into the fun, busting out some moves and getting quite the workout. For those who wanted to stay in their seats, they could still join in with Bollywood hand movements.

Lots of activities

After lunch we were entertained by the Nightingale singers who performed a range of old favourites.

In between the performances members could head outside to play some games suitable for a range of ability and mobility.

Award-winning caricature artist and illustrator, Terry Dunnett was on hand to draw individual caricatures on the spot. Judging by the line, he was pretty popular.

Also in attendance was the Lions Hearing van and the Alzheimers WA Memory van.

It was a very hot day so the Mr Whippy icecreams went down a treat!

Many of our guests also took the opportunity to get in a bit of pre-Christmas shopping, choosing from a range of items hand-crafted by members at our social centres.

Community outings are common for members who attend our social centres. But this one was way bigger than usual involving over 100 guests!

We had some great feedback from our guests

Brilliant…. that was so much fun…. wonderful day – I’m exhausted!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the day special for all our guests.

Aged Care Services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care, respite care and in-home support. For more information click here.

leadership WA visits Rise

Leadership WA visits Rise

Rise’s Arts Hub was delighted to welcome participants from Leadership WA’s Rising Leadership program.

Our visitors included rising and established leaders from government, not for profit and private sectors.

Giving back to the community

Run by Leadership WA, this six-month program has a high expectation that graduates will give back to the community.

So it was very fitting that participants spent a day meeting our members, hearing from our staff and learning about our community.

Our visitors saw first-hand that age and disability are no barriers to creative genius!

And we had SUCH a great time showing off the Arts Hub and our members’ creativity.

Fabulous feedback for Rise

We know all the participants had a good day because they told us! Here is some of their fantastic feedback.

Rise is clearly an organisation with a passion for people

Rise has such a wonderful feeling, and there is a lot of talent in those rooms

The staff were amazing and really embody the values of the organisation

I was really impressed with Rise

I thought their vision and passion for their clients, and also their staff, really stood out

How fantastic – the right people in the right job for the benefit of others

Thank you for opening your facilities so we could experience what an amazing role you play in our community and what you do for people

Our CEO Justine Colyer said

What a great reflection on everyone at the Arts Hub! It was so important that people left with a different perception of what Rise does but, most importantly, the value and talents of all people in the community.

Well done to everyone involved!

Rise Creative Arts

Rise offers many creative programs for people of all abilities based at our Arts Hub in Warwick, including painting, woodwork, knitting, pottery and craft. Read more about the full range of Rise services here.

Board Chair Alf Lay Ride to Conquer Cancer 2018

Two days, 230 kilometres and nearly $9,000 raised

Rise’s Board Chair Alf Lay recently completed the Ride to Conquer Cancer for the fifth year.

Pedal to pedal, spoke to spoke

Alf loves cycling, but this ride is a huge challenge.

It was tough going with the extra 30 km challenge on Day 1 through the Roleystone, Bedfordale and Wungong hills almost bringing me to an end. However I continued on and finally got all the way to Mandurah.  Day 2 saw us battle very strong winds and at times rain, but despite the conditions the ride back to Perth was a lot better. No hills!

Raising funds

An impressive $4.1 million was raised in this year’s ride, taking the grand total to $33 million raised to conquer cancer over 7 years.

Out of 800 riders this year, Alf was the 15th highest fundraiser with $8,955 – which was WAY over the target he set himself!

Over the past 5 years Alf has raised just over $33,000 for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research by riding with Team MACA.

My sincere thanks go out to you all for your very kind sponsorship. Your contribution helps take us one step closer to a world free of cancer. Hopefully I can rely upon you again next year!

Congratulations to Alf on a fantastic effort!

Rise Services

Rise provides a number of services for aged care, youth, people with disability, mental health and more. More information is available here.

Awesome school holiday fun

Rise’s drop-in youth centre Stratton Edge hosted an awesome program of fun these last school holidays.

School holiday program

There was something for everyone happening right throughout the school hols.

We visited some other local youth centres to check out the activities and meet some new people. Altone Youth Centre put on a variety of games and provided a party style lunch of pizza and party pies!

Fair Game ran a sports workshop on our visit to the Dungeon Youth Centre. We had a great game of Boom Ball, played some basketball and tried out all their facilities including the guitars. And of course enjoyed some more pizza!

We also ran a pre-driver workshop called Keys for Life that is all about safer driving. Great to see that 7 out of the 8 participants have now passed the test. Well done!

And then the highlight of the whole program was our brilliant Community Open Day. You can read more about all the fun and activities at the Open Day here.

Youth Program Activities Coordinator, Skye Groenveld said

Overall a fantastic two weeks was had by all!

Youth centre

Stratton Edge is Rise’s drop-in youth centre. As well as running hugely popular school holiday activities, we offer an outside basketball court, oval and a skate park.

It’s for 12 to 17 year olds who want to hang out with friends, meet new people, watch movies, listen to music, play pool or sports, or get all arty and crafty.

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for young people including a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.


Special guest at Milperra Cottage

Milperra Cottage had an extra special guest recently – Max the Galah!

Meet Max… and Max

Max was due to have a stay at Milperra cottage recently. But his pink and grey galah, also called Max, was sick and required daily medication.

Max was worried about her and wanted to make sure she got her drops. So he asked if Max the Galah could come too.

Aged Care Program Manager Stephanie Fewster said

We asked if Max the Galah was noisy or if she was likely to fly away. Max said she was very quiet and liked to sit in her cage and sometimes on top of it. She usually didn’t do much flying around and Max thought she would say put.  We also checked with other Milperra residents to make sure nobody had any problems with Max the Galah.

Of course we had to make sure her antibiotic drops were clearly labelled and kept in the locked area with all the other medications.  Twice a day Max held her beak open and one of our team carefully squeezed in the antibiotics.

For fun, the staff made up a sign sheet for Max the Galah’s medication drops – after all she was one of the residents now!

Max took really good care of Max the Galah – cleaned her cage every day and made sure she was fed and happy.  He also kept track of when her medications were due.

Milperra Cottage

Max is a regular guest at Milperra Cottage. Milperra is a Rise aged care facility located in beautiful Mount Helena that offers respite services.

Respite is important for care-givers so they can take a bit of time out from their caring role and recharge their batteries.

Max was really happy he was allowed to have his bird stay with him at Milperra while she was sick.

They have been together for 20 years!

Aged Care Services

Rise Community Network provides numerous aged care services. This includes social centres, personal care, respite care and in-home support. For more information click here.