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July school holiday stratton edge

July school holidays a blast at Rise

Young people have had a blast during the July school holidays with Rise hosting a variety of activities.

From workshops to excursions, there was something for all the young people to enjoy.

July school holidays

Our Youth Centre, Stratton Edge, is based in Stratton and caters for 12-17 year olds.

The holidays kicked off with a sexual health workshop. This was the last in a series of four. Sexting, sexuality and gender diversity were discussed. Morgan from WA AIDS even brought goodie bags for all participants.

This was followed by a pizza and movie night at the youth centre! The Simpsons Movie was the movie of choice.

A few days later, Paula from RAC stopped by to talk about drink and drug driving. There were some interactive activities that were very informative. The group also watched a clip of a real life story showing what happened to a young person when they were drink driving.

We then had the second last mural painting session. It is coming together beautifully! When complete the centre will have a brand new mural inside showing the six Aboriginal seasons.

Pool tournament gets serious

Youth Program Activities Coordinator Skye Groenveld said the next session got a little intense with a pool tournament!

We had seven, 20-minute pool games, which had even the youth workers sweating in anticipation.

The last activity for the holidays was a trip to Town of Bassendean’s NAIDOC Week celebrations at Ashfield Reserve.

The young people ran around for an hour, getting airbrush tattoos, looking at the stalls and traditional dance performances.

After that we went to Subway for lunch and then checked out the Scarborough skate park.

Rise Youth

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

NAIDOC Week 2018

Rise celebrates NAIDOC Week 2018

Rise had a wonderful week across Perth celebrating NAIDOC Week 2018.

We had stands at several community events, and we attended even more!

The theme for the week was “Because of her we can” and celebrated remarkable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The Week ran from 8-15 July across the whole country.

NAIDOC Week 2018

The week started with football! Our Moorditj Mia group based in Koongamia were invited to a special lunch by Swan Districts Football Club. The group enjoyed a special lunch and guest speaker.

Moorditj Mia Coordinator Sherri Bagshaw said the ladies had a fabulous day out and were grateful to be invited.

It was a really great day. They got to sit in the sponsors box and watch the game after the lunch and they had front row seats.

On Tuesday, the Moorditj Mia group were involved with the City of Swan NAIDOC celebrations at Midland Oval. They had a range of artworks and creations on show, as well as information about what we provide.

Nearby, the Rise Youth team also had a stand! The team dolled out fake tattoos, spreading the word about tattoo safety. A giant Connect 4 set was a great way to engage youth people on the theme of the week. We got to chat about the women that have inspired them.

Deadly Jobs

At Ashfield Reserve, Rise took part in the Town of Bassendean’s celebrations for the first time. We had a stall inside the Deadly Jobs tent, engaging with potential workers about Rise. Our Aboriginal Employment Consultant Charmaine Bartlett said it was a wonderful day, with lots of meaningful conversations.

The Deadly Jobs Expo for NAIDOC Week was a great event and for Rise another success story.

Jobseekers and other community members received information and the opportunity to talk to some of the staff that represented Rise on the day.

In the southern suburbs, Our Moorditj Social Group attended the NAIDOC Week celebrations in Memorial Park. The group enjoyed the dancing, and delicious lunch provided. The weather even held out too!

Rise cultural experience

Rise recently employed an Aboriginal Employment Consultant. Charmaine Bartlett is working to increase Aboriginal numbers in our workforce, and make our service attractive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are proud to celebrate all cultures and be inclusive for all. You can read more about our plans here.

Youth Minister Peter Tinley visit Kira House

Youth Minister Peter Tinley visits Kira House

Youth Minister Peter Tinley took some time to visit Kira House recently and check out our facilities.

Youth Minister visits

Minister Tinley was shown around Kira House by three current residents.

Kira House is a six-bed unit where we support young women aged 14-18 years escaping family and domestic violence.

We give them a safe place to live, we teach life skills and we instil hope. Because these women are so young, and have years ahead of them to achieve their goals.

Youth manager Dawn McAleenan said it was wonderful to see the women share their goals and dreams with the Minister.

They told the minister about their personal experience which has lead them to be at the house.

One young woman told the minister how she didn’t see much of a future for herself before coming to the house but through the support of staff and the encouragement she has had, she now feels like she has a thousand different options and she is looking forward to achieving her dream of finishing school and going to university.

One of the young ladies in the house has dreams of becoming a politician herself.

She got a chance to ask the Minister about his portfolio, and peppered him with questions about the current youth strategy!

Rise Youth

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

sergio stamp collecting

Collecting stamps gives purpose to Sergio’s life

To some people, collecting stamps doesn’t sound very exciting. But bear with us while we share Sergio’s touching story, which heavily revolves around stamps!

Collecting stamps from a young age

Sergio started collecting stamps when he was a young boy. A family member had been saving stamps just in case any children wanted to take up the hobby.

He decided he did. And Sergio collected stamps until he finished school and began working full time. His life path took him from South Africa to New Zealand, then Australia.

Fast forward to 4 November 2001. Sergio crashes his car after suffering a diabetic coma.

He didn’t know he had diabetes.

He awoke not only to a diagnosis of diabetes, but also to the fact he was a hemiplegic.

That means paralysis down the whole left side of his body. He can’t feel it at all, even now. Using his right hand he pokes his left shoulder to demonstrate that there’s no feeling.


Sergio spent weeks in hospital, followed by two-and-a-half years in Shenton Park Rehabilitation Centre.

He had to learn to walk again.

He had to learn to talk again.

He had to learn to read and write again.

But Sergio is no quitter. He’s defied the odds to live a fulfilled, independent life.

And stamps have played a big part in that, as well as social connection.

Sergio started attending Mundaring Men’s Shed many years ago.

It was fellow member Terry who asked him what he did in his spare time.

I told him I didn’t have a hobby because all I’ve ever done is work. He said, but what do you do? And I told him that I sleep.

Then he asked what I did when I was a child. And they were the magic words – childhood and hobby.

A million stamps

Sergio enthusiastically resumed his old hobby around 10 years ago.

He has thousands of stamps from across the globe, with every country accounted for.

He’s up to his 76th album, and estimates he has nearly half a million stamps in his collection.

That’s 500,000 little pieces of paper telling a fascinating history of the world.

And that’s hour of painstaking work to order, inspect, trim and arrange the stamps.

I don’t collect for value. It’s just something to pass the time and I enjoy it. I’m a collector by nature and I like order.

I think I have endless patience. Sometimes it takes me ages to do something that, if I was able, would only take me five or 10 minutes.

Sergio continues to visit the Men’s Shed twice a month. Incidentally Terry collects stamps too and Sergio often trades with him or gives him duplicates.

The other duplicates are sent to the UK via Sergio’s sister to go to charity, so that people with a disability can sell them and make money.

Terry started the ball rolling again and I’m so grateful. I think I’ve given away nearly a million stamps over the years. I understand the situation these people are in.

Social connection

As well as visiting his mates at the shed, Sergio also travels to Touhy House every day for a meal and to see his mates. This is where his mum lived before she passed, and Sergio has a special connection to the staff and residents.

I got special permission to keep going there every day. I have a meal and visit with the residents. Some of them have no one.

But for Sergio he has a full life.

Full of friends, full of giving, full of purpose. And stamps!

Rise services

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which includes social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

ball pit astro house

Ball pit provides hours of fun for everyone

Who said a ball pit is just for kids?!

Astro House recently hired a ball pit, and everyone from those who live there to our staff had a blast in it!

Ball pit a blast

Chris, Ashley, Lindsay, Joshua and Mason all live at the house, which we call “Astro Boys”.

The house is in the Swan area and caters for a range of abilities.

The guys get up to some amazing adventures. They’ve taken part in

  • a colour run
  • skydiving
  • trike trips along the beach
  • sat in Army tankers.

And that is just the short list from the past two years!

House Leader Mandy said the ball pit was a huge hit.

We hired the pit for the week. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more – the guys or the staff!

At Rise, we celebrate diversity and create communities that shine!

Rise celebrates diversity

Rise supports people with a disability, with individual care, accommodation and more. To find out more click here.


trainee wa aged care awards evan cox

Rise Trainee a finalist in the WA Aged Care Awards

Rise is extra proud of one of our trainees, who a finalist in the WA Aged Care Awards!

Evan Cox has been nominated for the Trainee of the Year award.

This award recognises the awesome achievements of someone studying and working towards a qualification in the aged care sector.

Rise finalist in the WA Aged Care Awards

Rise has a great partnership with Health Training Australia (HTA) who matches trainees to Rise.

Evan started with Rise in October last year through HTA. He was officially employed by Rise in May at our southern community centre.

Evan had been in an office job for more than a decade and wanted a change so he could connect to people.

He said he was humbled by the award nomination

I mainly provide social support for male clients, but over the time I have spent with Rise, I also do domestic assistance, personal care, medications, transport and office administration.

I’m not really one to go around tooting my own horn but I do appreciate the fact that the extra effort I make to aid my clients in having a more fulfilling life, has been acknowledged.

Really to me, I’m just doing my job and I guess that when I look at it, my previous experience in retail customer service has a little to do with my high standard of customer service and care.

The future looks bright

For Evan, the future looks bright. Further study is on the cards, and he has a great career goal.

I think it would be great if I could eventually become a senior support worker, specialising in male clients.

We have no doubt you will reach and smash your goals, Evan! We’ll all be cheering you on for the awards too.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner to be held at Crown Perth on Friday 13 July.

Rise employment

Rise offers diverse roles and positions all over Perth. For more information visit our website.

volunteers marriage

Rise volunteers celebrate marriage

Rise has celebrated two of our volunteers with a special morning tea to celebrate their marriage!

Roger and Mary recently married and had a short break over east.

Upon their return we had a small celebration to wish them well.

Volunteers celebrate marriage

Roger and Mary met 17 years ago while volunteering for their local Lions club.

They then continued their generous work by coming to volunteer together at Rise.

They’ve given their time to us for the past six years.

Unfortunately Roger was quite ill over the past 12 months and there were grave concerns for his health.

Realising that life was too short, Roger asked Mary to be his wife.

And of course she said yes!

The pair had an intimate wedding and a nice break in Sydney.

Rise celebrates

Recently Rise held a morning tea to officially wish them well.

Volunteer Coordinator organised the morning at our social centre in Koongamia.

She said the pair were worthy of a little fuss given their generous spirits.

There was a special cake and a few short speeches. One of our guests also sang some beautiful songs!

Mary thanked Rise for the morning

We like to be the givers, not the takers. But thank you for making a fuss!

What a beautiful couple – we wish you all the health and happiness in the world!

Volunteering at Rise

There are nearly 200 volunteers here at Rise, helping to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form. You can also contact Volunteer Coordinator Lisa on 9399 1111 or email lisa.begley@risenetwork.com.au.

kangaroo makuru

In the middle of Makuru

The Noongar Season Makuru symbolises rain and cold weather. It runs in June and July.

Makuru cold sets in

In our state’s south west, Makuru is the coldest and wettest time of the year! Traditionally, this was a good time for people to move inland. Because the winds along the coast bought cold weather and rains. Occasionally there is even snow on the peaks of the Stirling and Porongurup Ranges.

Along with the move, people’s food sources changed from the sea to the land. Grazing animals such as kangaroo became a staple during this season.

Feeding off the land

The animals provided more than just food.  The kangaroo, otherwise known as the yongar, provided bookas. These were animal skin cloaks used at night to keep warm.

No part of the animal was unused. Bones and sinews were also used to make bookas and for affixing barbs to hunting tools.

Preparation for spring

During Makuru animals start to pair up in preparation for breeding in the coming season.

This includes wardongs (ravens) and a large influx of the mali (black swan) in lakes and rivers.

The plants are getting ready for Djilba season too!

The white flowers of the weeping peppermint (Agonis flexuosa) will start appearing, replacing the blues and purples of the blueberry lily (Dianella revoluta)and the purple flags (Patersonia occidentalis).

Rise celebrates Aboriginal culture

Rise recently employed an Aboriginal Employment Consultant. Charmaine Bartlett is working to increase Aboriginal numbers in our workforce, and make our service attractive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are proud to celebrate all cultures and be inclusive for all. You can read more about our plans here.

Scitech staff event

Rise staff get sciencey at Scitech

Rise staff have celebrated a successful first half of 2018 with a fun event at Scitech.

Staff were able to invite their families along to Scitech to join in the fun.

Staff unwind at Scitech

Rise now has more than 700 staff stretching across the whole metropolitan area, so it was a good chance for people to meet or catch up.

Rise CEO Justine Colyere said she was delighted to see so many people enjoy the evening.

We really wanted to put on a good event to thank you for all the hard work you do for Rise and the community – for your professionalism, friendliness, optimism and good humour through lots of change.

A special shout out to the events committee who did a fantastic job.  It was a massive turnout and it was great to see so many staff and families there.

We love a good dress up party at Rise! Our executives were greeting staff at the door dressed in scientist costumes. Lots of staff put in a lot of effort too. There was everything Leila and Hans Solo from Star Wars, creepy aliens, and space themed skirts!

It’s important to take a moment to reward our staff for their hard work. And we recognise that families are an important part of the lives of staff.

Rise services

Rise provides services for the aged, youth, people with a disability and those facing mental health challenges. For more information visit the website.

John cariety at Creative Arts by Rise

John loves the variety at Creative Arts by Rise

John loves coming to Creative Arts by Rise!

Our social centre is based in Warwick and provides a variety of artistic opportunities for people to enjoy.

Variety at Creative Arts by RIse

At Creative Arts by Rise people can paint, draw and sew. They can also enjoy the pottery and woodwork rooms where they can make a huge range of items!

For Rise, it is important that people have choice about what they would like to work on. And the sense of pride our artists have at completing a project is beautiful to see!

The art room

John spends most of his time in the art room. He has overcome many challenges to become a painter, working mainly on acrylics on canvas.

John produces magnificent landscapes, exhibiting and selling his work around Perth.

I have really enjoyed attending Creative Arts by Rise as there is so much to do!

John was recently featured in our Celebrating People Book 2016-2017. This coffee table book contains stories from our staff, volunteers and clients across the whole organisation. You can get a copy at our head office – 12 Leslie Road Middle Swan.

Creative Arts by Rise

The book is also available at Creative Arts by Rise. We are located at 12 Dorchester Ave, Warwick or can be contacted on 9448 8804. We cater for people of all abilities and also have lots of artwork for sale!