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Anchor Point

Rise links in with Youth Futures for education needs

Disengage young people are being offered an alternative education program thanks to Youth Futures WA! Youth Futures WA came to Rise recently to chat about Anchor Point.

Youth Futures Anchor Point

Anchor Point is an alternative education program run by Youth Futures for young people aged 14 and 9 months to 19 years. It helps those who are disengaged from school or who have had recent poor attendance.

The program is based at the Town of  Bassendean’s Youth Center. Young people who attend can complete a Certificate I, Certificate II and Certificate III in General Education.

Anchor Point is based on a student-centred model. This means it is a self-paced learning program and there is lots of individual support.

The Anchor Point program runs four days a week from Monday to Thursday 9am to 2:30pm. It is referral-based program and young people must give their consent.

Benefits for Rise

Rise Youth Manager Dawn McAleenan said she was excited about this program.

It is great having a local program that can help young people with their education. It is especially relevant for the young women who access our safe house and have had to leave their homes.

Having a solid education can provide so many opportunities later in life. A big thanks to Danielle for coming to speak to our team about the program.

For more information on Anchor Point, call 9300 2677 or email infoap@youthfutureswa.com.au

Rise youth services

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

Aboriginal heritage

Aboriginal heritage celebrated at Rise

Rise is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the different heritages of our staff.

Moorditj Mia Program Coordinator Sherri Bagshaw works for Rise at one of our aged care social centres.

She is a proud Aboriginal woman and enjoys sharing her culture with others.

Aboriginal heritage

Within months of starting with Rise, she organised a Cultural Day for Seniors Week 2017.

Dozens of our people came together to enjoy Aboriginal artwork, dancing, food and more.

One of the dancers involved in the day was her daughter, Bree.

Bree’s dance journey

As part of her Year 12 ATAR Final Dance exam in 2016, Bree had to do come up with an idea and choreograph the dance herself.

She chose to find out about her family’s personal stolen generation experience.

Bree then filmed her family returning to the mission and the many emotions that came along with it. This was shown at the Cultural Day, where she also performed a moving dance for the audience.

The documentary was nominated for Best Documentary less that 30 minutes for the Australian Teachers of Media Awards. Bree, along with her mum Sherri and relatives travelled to Melbourne late last year for the ceremony.

Sherri said she was extremely proud of her daughter.

Unfortunately Bree didn’t win the award but it was still an honour to be in the top four finalists across the whole of Australia.

At times it was definitely a roller coaster of emotions during the filming but I was bursting with pride that my daughter chose to take the time to talk to her Elders, do the research and want to know about our family’s history.

Sherri said creating the documentary was such a great experience for Bree.

It gave her so much understanding and knowledge about her Elders which in turn gave her a sense of belonging in knowing where she comes from.

She made this documentary with such love and respect that it enabled the start of a healing process for the Nanna’s.

My siblings didn’t even know about many of the things that had happened to our grandmother, mother and aunties. Before this journey of Bree making the documentary, we were a strong family, but now we are even stronger. Love and respect is definitely the main things our family hold true.

Sherri’s twin sons were also involved in the dancing at the Cultural Day event. Bree’s nanna’s were also there to watch the children dance. It was such a great day and all the guests enjoyed learning about Aboriginal culture.

Rise cultural experience

Rise recently employed an Aboriginal Employment Consultant. Charmaine Bartlett is working to increase Aboriginal numbers in our workforce, and make our service attractive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are proud to celebrate all cultures and be inclusive for all. You can read more about our plans here.

landgate IWD charity partner

Landgate chooses Rise as charity partner

Rise was honoured to be chosen as Landgate’s charity partner as a recent event.

Landgate held a breakfast last week as part of International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations.

Charity partner

The Lands Minister Hon Rita Saffioti was the keynote speaker at the event. It was held at Mandoon Estate in the Swan Valley and was Landgate’s 21st IWD celebration.

Each year the organisations chooses a charity to donate funds. Rise was grateful to be chosen as this year’s recipient.

One of our General Manager’s Helen Dymond kindly accepted the sizeable donation from Landgate CEO Jodi Cant.

Helen spoke to the guests about our youth services and our safe house. Kira House is a dedicated safe house for young women aged 14-18 years who are escaping family or domestic violence. Around 30% of the women we help are pregnant or have children. We are the only type of facility like this in WA who can cater for young women.

We’re so thankful for the donation, and will be sure to put it to good use – we’ll keep you updated!

Rise youth services

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

Byford Child Care

Byford Child Care light up seniors with visits

The old and young have been coming together in the south east, drawing lots of smiles and laughter.

Our social centre in Armadale recently connected with Byford Child Care.

Byford Child Care

Social Programs Coordinator MaryAnn said the partnership was proving a big hit.

Our clients visit weekly at Byford and the children visit us each month. It’s been so wonderful for our clients to connect with the young ones – so many smiles and laughter.

The partnership has been in place for several months. Our people have been enjoying the chatter and squeals from their young visitors.

Some of the activities they have been doing include arts and crafts and colouring. And of course, there is ice cream to be eaten!

Rise aged care

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which includes social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

abdi disability support worker

From Ethiopia to Rise disability support worker

Abdi is like a lot of young men – he loves sport and the beach.

But Abdi’s journey to being a disability support worker at Rise is a little bit different to most.

Abdi comes to Australia

Abdi was born and raised in Ethiopia, north eastern Africa. Two years ago, Abdi came to Australia through government sponsorship. He traveled to Perth by himself. No friends, no family. And no English language skills.

Can you imagine landing in a new country by yourself where you don’t speak a word of their language?

Abdi isn’t the sort to let that little challenge get in the way.

He learnt the language, to the point where he found a job advert in the paper for trainee support workers.

Abdi was taken on by Health Training Australia, who provides trainees to Rise. After he completed his traineeship, he was hired by Rise as a permanent staff member.

He now works in Jiemba House, which caters for people with a disability with challenging behaviours. He was one of a Rise staff nominated for 2017 WA Disability Support Award. The tennis and beach lover is also studying Biomedical Science at Edith Cowan University and he has purchased a house. Wow!

It was a bit of a shock and there’s a big cultural difference. But if you work hard nothing is impossible.

I like working with people who have special needs. Many people tend to think that it must take a great range of skills and super-human effort to be able to work with people with special needs.

The truth is that as long as you have a desire and commitment to assist and positive personal qualities such as compassion, determination, patience and understanding, this type of work does not necessarily require extraordinary communication skills.

When my clients are happy, it makes me instantly so happy. No matter what, their happiness puts a huge smile on my face.

Abdi impresses at Rise

Rise Team Leader Rebecca started working at Jiemba House in October, after Abdi did.

I had no idea that Abdi came to Australia so recently and didn’t even speak English. He has adapted so well. Abdi has a very calm nature and a positive, can do attitude.

His life experience has taught him to help others but to promote  independence where possible.

He has built a great rapport with clients and peers. Abdi is always looking to expand his knowledge and learn new skills to become the best possible support worker he can be.

Rise celebrating people

Rise is so happy to have Abdi working with us. He has overcome a lot of challenges in the past two years, and this is something a lot of clients can relate to. All the best with your future study goals!

Rise supports people with a disability, with individual care, accommodation and more. To find out more click here.


hyperfest 2018

Rise youth team rock out at HyperFest

Our Rise youth team were rocking out at the recent HyperFest.

HyperFest is an all ages concert run by City of Swan. Midland Oval hosted the event which had thousands of young people come for a full day of music and fun.

Hyperfest a whole lot of fun

Our Youth team had a stall at Hyperfest. We put on some great activities for the young people.

We had a photo booth, giant Connect 4 and Kerplunk. Our staff were dressed up with capes and masks to fit the theme of positive and negative relationships.

Youth manager Dawn said it was a great day out for all.

We started some really great conversations around positive and negative relationships.

And we also looked at what healthy relationships are, not just with partners but with friends and family too.

Some of our prizes included sunglasses and motion-activated wristbands. The young people could also keep their print outs from the photo booths.

CEO Justine Colyer joined in the fun. She raced Dawn on the rock climbing wall (she lost) and our marketing manager down the water slides (she won)!

Rise youth services

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.

Celebrating book

Second Celebrating People Book launches

Rise’s second annual Celebrating People Book has launched with a great party.

The Celebrating People Book 2016-17 is a bound book which shares photos and quotes from clients, staff and volunteers.

Celebrating People Book

We launched our first book in early 2017. It was such a hit with our clients and friends in the industry that we produced another!

Our staff spent months putting the book together.  There was three fun photo shoots to take all the photographs, before all the stories were written up and the book designed.

it’s a bright and colourful book that showcase our centres, clients and staff from all over Perth.

Book launch

The new book was launched at the Rise head office. More than 60 people came to celebrate! Our book stars received a framed photograph and were thanked for taking part.

Rise CEO Justine Colyer said she was thrilled with the new collection of stories.

As Rise has had significant growth over the past two years it is fantastic to showcase our centres, clients and staff from all over Perth.

We managed to keep the book under wraps so it was lovely to watch the book stars, their families and our industry partners react to the finished product.

There are plans to release a new book every year to share more great stories.

Copies of the book are available from Helen’s Place at 12 Leslie Road, Middle Swan. You also can read regular stories on our blog.

Rise services

Rise provides services for the aged, youth, people with a disability and those facing mental health challenges. For more information visit the website.

Rise gardening team

Rise gardening team loves being outdoors

Despite our Rise gardening team growing quickly in the past six months, our gardeners have one thing in common.

They love being outdoors! We chatted to some of the team about their jobs.

Rise gardening team

Our gardening team now has more than 10 members. They help people maintain their gardens and homes in a safe condition.

Each morning the teams travel to their depot in Forrestfield, before heading out for the day.

Each day is different from the next, which is something Jodie enjoys.

Jodie joined Rise around seven months ago.

I’ve been in the plant industry all my life and I love it. Sometimes it is hard yakka but I love plants and gardening. And I’d rather do this than sit inside all day.

Jason also likes being outdoors.

I like helping people that need it. My dad is a gardener so I guess it runs in the family. I just love getting outside and helping out.

Rise gardening expands

Our gardening teams help aged care clients with:

  • sweeping, raking and blowing of paths and patios
  • shrub pruning
  • lawn mowing and whipper snipping
  • weeding and weed spraying
  • window cleaning (Exterior windows only)
  • minor maintenance of the property.

The Rise gardening team is expanding to help people in the northern suburbs. If you are aged 65+ and are eligible for help, please visit the website.


Rise celebrates Valentine’s Day 2018

Rise has celebrated Valentine’s Day 2018 in style.

From picnics to arts and crafts, there was love galore on the special day.

Valentine’s Day picnic

All Rise clients were invited to a special picnic at Woodbridge Riverside Park & Play Space.

There was an animal farm, ice cream van and bouncy castle.

People enjoyed some lunch, and having their photos taken in the photo booth!

It was wonderful to see so many people travelling from all over Perth. It was a great chance to catch up with friends too!


Valentine’s Day

Our social centres around Perth also got into the spirit of the day.

Our people in Mundaring, Koongamia, Forrestfield, Armadale took part in arts and crafts and had a lovely lunch.

There was lots of love songs played and red roses scattered around!

Rise services

Rise provides services for the aged, youth, people with a disability and those facing mental health challenges. For more information visit the website.

Dawn McAleenan

Youth Manager selected for Young Leaders program

Rises’s Youth Manager is honoured to be accepted to a young leaders program in WA.

Dawn McAleenan received a scholarship for the program recently.

Young Leaders program

The 2018 Emerging Leaders In Governance Program (ELGP) develops young professionals for Board leadership in the aged care and community sector.

The group will learn about board governance, sector knowledge and team work from an experienced leadership developer.

There were 20 people chosen to take part in 2018. Their careers vary widely from physiotherapy to insurance and engineering.

Dawn said she was honoured to be selected.

I am looking forward to learning more board governance and leadership in the sector, and working with people from lots of different backgrounds. I hope to build my knowledge and use these new skills to support Rise.

The program was launched with a breakfast on 7th February. We’re proud of you, Dawn!

We are also proud to be a community partner for this program.

Rise services

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.