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wearing pjs milperra dementia

Wearing pjs all part of the job at Rise

Staff at our respite cottage have been wearing pjs to work – but it’s all for a good reason!

Milperra Cottage is in the Perth Hills. It provides respite for the elderly, many who have dementia.

Wearing pjs to work

A new innovation has begun at Milperra to help reduce confusion for people living with dementia.

Aged Care Coordinator Karen Wittcomb said staff on night shift now wear their pjs!

The uniform change was implemented last month and is a non-verbal cue to guests that it is night time.

Some people who live with dementia can find it very confusing when they wake during the night.

They are disorientated and unsure as to what time of day or night it is. They may try to get dressed and feel quite sure their day has begun.

Staff thought wearing pjs on night shift was a great idea. They were on board with it as soon as it was suggested.

What a great idea!

Rise aged care

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which includes social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

Indigenous Support Network

Rise launches Indigenous Staff Support Network

Rise’s first Indigenous Staff Support Network forum has been hailed a success!

The forums are a new initiative of Rise to bring all our Indigenous workforce together.

Indigenous Staff Support Network

Indigenous staff from various programs and positions at Rise came together last week. The Leadership Group also joined in to celebrate the network kicking off.

The aim of the network is for our staff to support each other, celebrate days of significance, identify learning opportunities and provide advice on cultural issues.

Rise has set a target of 3% of the workforce being Indigenous, based on local populations, which we are meeting. However, as we keep growing we need to make sure we are retaining and attracting staff.

Forum feedback

Rise’s Aboriginal Employment Consultant Charmaine Bartlett said the first forum went down a treat!

It was great to bring all our Indigenous staff from across Perth together. The Indigenous staff that attended this forum actively participated in the discussion.

Feedback from the staff is that they were “very satisfied” with the content and the process for the day. They felt comfortable and that what they had to say was important to Rise. They welcomed this initiative and look forward to participating in further forums.

The network will meet four times a year, with the next forum to run in July. We can’t wait to hear more about this group and what they get up to!

Rise services

Rise offers a number of specialist Indigenous programs, including Moorditj Mia in Koongamia and the Moorditj Social Program Champion Centre in Seville Grove. For more information visit our website.

Image of Rise website homepage

Our new, mobile-friendly website goes live!

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you may notice that it now looks different. That’s because we have launched a brand new website.

Our new and improved website is accessible, which means that it is built for people with visual difficulties (you can adapt the font size and background colours). In addition it is responsive, easily viewed on a mobile or tablet as well as a computer, with the pages adapting to fit whatever device you are using.

What else is new?

We’ve made it easier for the user to find out more about and understand each service area better with lots of external resources and glossaries.

People with Disability glossary webpage

There is also a brand new fundraising section called how can I help? which offers a range of opportunities for people to get involved with supporting Rise. You can find out about putting on a fundraising event using our handy guide, purchase a gift such as a school uniform or a driving lesson for a disadvantaged young people or get a team of budding colleagues together for a Corporate Volunteer day.

Image of Rise webpage for fundraising, donations and volunteers

Another new addition to the site is the events section. This is where we will promote the events we are holding and attending. These could be conferences, morning teas for volunteers or visiting a local community day with a Rise stall.

Helping you find the information you need

We’ve also introduced a new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) area, which provides information about NDIS and NDIS My Way. It explains what NDIS is, helps you to find out if you are eligible for NDIS and tells you about our NDIS services and locations.

Rise NDIS webpage showing each area we can help with

Why not head over to our home page here and check out our new look. We hope you like what you see and will be able to find what you’re looking for.

Innovative ideas rewarded

Collage of Risinnovation winners Lorraine, Louise and Ben plus Lorraine's idea of the artwork at Kira House

In addition to Lorraine Drew’s idea of culturally appropriate artwork at Kira House which has come to life this month (read more on the blog here), we have recognised two more members of staff for their innovative ideas.

Louise Iley was awarded the ‘Hot Iron‘ Award for her idea of an Medical Alert Tagging System. The tagging system would alert staff to clients’ to clients’ medical requirements. This is a new idea for Rise and Louise will be involved in turning her idea into a reality.

Ben Singoei was also recognised for his idea of ice cream for younger people. Ben felt that it would be beneficial to thicken ice cream so that those who have difficulties swallowing can enjoy it. This idea will be communicated to staff working in our supported homes.

Well done to you all!

If you are a member of staff and have a great idea that you think would work at Rise, don’t forget to send us your ideas using the proposal form by 31 December. In addition to our normal winning ideas selection process, we will be giving everyone who has submitted an idea this year the chance to win a Shopping Card in our Risinnovation Super Draw.

Artistic idea brought to life at Kira House

Artwork showing the boab treeRise has recognised Senior Youth Outreach Case Manager, Lorraine Drew, for an idea she had of placing ‘Culturally Appropriate Artwork’ at the entrance of Kira House, to make the environment more welcoming for the young women.

As a direct result, we were able to include Lorraine’s idea into the design of Kira House. We had an artist come to Kira House and paint a beautiful picture of a boab tree in the entrance of the house.

The Boab tree was chosen because it is unique to the Kimberly region. These ancient trees (some have been dated back to 1500 years old) have an awesome reputation for enhancing life, as they provide water (a mature Boab tree can reputedly hold 100,000 litres of water in its soft fibrous trunk), shelter (they can grow up to 70 foot tall and span over 20 meters), provide food (nuts and roots are edible), medicine (pulp from the fruit can be made into a sweet drink believed to relieve certain illnesses) and can also be used to make every day items (bark to weave fabric can be used to make clothing and ropes).

Lorraine was presented with her award by Sean Loke, Business Development Manager.

Lorraine was presented with her award by Sean Loke, Business Development Manager.

Thanks Lorraine for your idea and for helping to make it all happen.

Rise Annual General Meeting 2015

Rise AGM 2015 (9)

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Breakfast Celebration was held at Helen’s Place on a Friday, 30 October 2015.

We’ll need a bigger venue next year if attendance at the AGM continues to Rise – it was almost standing room only. While I like to think it was the promise of a compelling speech (!), I suspect it was because people know the AGM team deliver an entertaining event, with great catering, new information and a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues.

L-R: Rise Deputy Chair Alf Lay and Board Chair Dr. Anna Alderson

L-R: Rise Deputy Chair Alf Lay and Board Chair Dr. Anna Alderson

Congratulations to all involved – the upbeat, fun breakfast, expertly MCd by Rise newly appointed Deputy Board Chair Alf Lay – part board member/part stand-up comedian – reflects the optimistic and enthusiastic approach all our staff and volunteers show!

Rise AGM 2015 (23)

Part of the fun- a polaroid photo booth!

To view photos from the day, visit our AGM Photo Album here.

Justine Colyer, CEO 

Your Invitation to Rise’s 2015 Breakfast Annual General Meeting

Please join us at our next BREAKFAST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, celebrating our achievements during 2014 to 2015. Time, Day & Date: 8am, Friday 30 October 2015 Location: Helen’s Place, 12 Leslie Road, Middle Swan WA Transport can be booked from Wahroonga, 2 Craig Street, Mundaring...

Read more

First Round of 2015 Winning Innovative Ideas receive Risinnovation Awards

5 Winners from Rise were recently awarded for their innovative ideas through the Risinnovation program

We are big fans of innovative ideas here at Rise, and what a start to 2015 for Risinnovation!

The first update comes from the Rise Innovation Forum itself. The forum changes membership every year. Early 2015, before the change, the 2014 Forum members reviewed last year’s journey, a new Forum was set up and new processes were put in to make our innovation process more robust and effective. Hence, it took the 2015 Forum some time to properly assess and award the innovation proposals submitted in 2015.

To get the most out of your submitted ideas, the Innovation Forum has made some changes to the Risinnovation Awards. We will now have two award categories.

Hot Iron Award $100
Good innovative ideas that are new to Rise and will be supported and developed.

Recognition Award $25
Good ideas that may not be new and those that are already in development.

Big thanks to those who submitted great ideas this year. Here are the 5 winners for Round One 2015 – Congratulations!

Hot Iron Awards

  • Venessa English for her idea of “My Favourite Yesteryear Stories”
  • Susan Dawson for her idea of “Rise Values “Word of Mouth”
  • Nina Martin for her idea of “Rise Above : Training and Education for Clients”
  • Jennifer Mofflin for her idea of “Rise Multilingual Brochures”

Recognition Award

  • Ashleigh Hardcastle for her idea of “Consumer Advisory Group”.

The Innovation Forum will be working with the Hot Iron winners on realising their ideas. Watch this space for updates on how these innovations develop.

There is no limit on the number of awards to be given out, and there will be two more rounds of awards this year! In addition, Hot Iron award winners will be rewarded for getting involved in turning their ideas into reality!

How to submit your innovative ideas?
Simply fill out the Risinnovation Proposal Form and send it to Sean Loke at Helen’s Place or email:


Sean Loke
Innovations Forum Chair

Brand NEW Pilot Project: A Hi-Tech Toy Library


Rise is currently piloting a new High-Tech Toy Library for the people we support. The project stems from a Risinnovation idea submitted by Glenys Serslev last year- more here.

The High-Tech Toy Library is not your typical library of books, but as it’s name suggests, features high-tech toys instead. Currently, the library has two toys: A portable karaoke machine and the latest Wii.

The karaoke machine, is not just for singing your heart out, you can also can also watch movies and play games as well- making it the perfect all-in-one entertainment unit. The second toy, the super cool gaming Console – Wii comes with a number of fun games.

With the High-Tech Toy Library, Rise aims to provide to the people we support with in-house entertainment- a great means to have interactive social gatherings, avenues to learn new skills and increase social interaction.

The pilot is designed to test the waters, before we go ahead with a full fledged High-Tech Toy Library offering an extensive range of interesting toys to a wider base of people.

We will share feedback from our clients, and will keep you posted on the results!

To find out more about this library, contact Rise Project Coordinator Rashmi Kaushal at 6274 3796.

Rise CEO Goes Behind the Scenes at TADWA


Rise CEO Justine Colyer, was given a behind the scenes look at the work Technology Assisting Disability Western Australia (TADWA) do in modifying equipment and providing computers for people with disability.

They also have a contract to repurpose Government computers for use by eligible individuals – all backed up with a free helpline. Justine is pictured trying out the wheelchair specifically designed for use on the beach and in the water; she learnt the hard way that it’s not best attempted in high heels and a dress!

Much more can be seen on TADWA’s Facebook page here.