Impact on your Rise Services: Updated 27.03.20

Rise has decided to reduce some services to keep everyone safe. These decisions have been based on information from the Government and Rise’s Emergency Response Plan.

Services have been scaled back – important information

  • Stratton Youth Centre is closed. 

  • All bus excursion trips have been cancelled including shopping. However, we’ll be contacting clients about how we can make other arrangements and help with shopping in the meantime.  

  • The operation of all Rise social centres has been reviewed and they will be closed by 30 March.  We are currently considering models of service so that we can continue to provide support to people in the safest way in the current circumstances.  In the meantime, scrupulous hygiene practices and social distancing of 1.5 metres is being practiced until the closure on 30 March.

  • People with Disability division is no longer running group excursions.
    Milperra Respite – continues as normal, but we ask you continue to ensure safe distances between people (1.5 metres) where possible. However, it will be closing on 16th April – 17th May.
    Tenancy and Property Management Support: There is now a pause on all inspections, but Rise will continue to work with clients if they are in arrears. We are also continuing with our general maintenance requests of home and ensure safe distances.  

We appreciate missing services and closures can make some people feel worried, anxious and uncomfortable. Rise Staff really want to work with you to ensure you feel fully supported during this difficult period. Please speak to your Coordinator or Support Worker if you have any concerns, and you can always call our office directly with questions.

Services running as normal   

Many of the below are still running because they are a one to one service. However, the group activities will mostly be cancelled next week.

  • One to one type activities such as gardening, cleaning etc.
  • Getaway Club, Leisure Focus and Bounce have all been cancelled.
  • Nobel House – continues as normal until it closes at the end of March, but we ask you continue to ensure safe distances between people (1.5 metres) where possible.
  • Kira House – continues as normal, but we ask you continue to ensure safe distances between people (1.5 metres) where possible. 
  • People with Disability Services – one to one service are still available.
  • Supported Accommodation –  Rise is implementing our own principles in line with Department of Health advice; such as only 2 visitors at a time per site and hand sanitisation on entry and exit. Rise are asking family members and carers whether they would like to support their family members at their family home during this period. 

Activities in the community and COVID-19

  • If an activity which you normally attend in the community is stopped (e.g. swimming pool is closed, or your place of work for volunteering is closed), our staff will work with you to see whether there is another suitable activity for you to attend. This is important to us, so you are not put at a greater risk. If this is not possible the service will be cancelled.
  • We have been assured by our agency staff and contractors that they adhere to the same safety standards around travel and virus symptoms as Rise staff.

Your Services with Rise

  • If a service must be cancelled to protect your health and wellbeing you will NOT be billed for a service, you didn’t receive.
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