Rise Response & Preventive Measures

Rises Senior Management Team are meeting regularly as the situation evolves and have implemented the following preventative measures as advised by the Department of Health and Rise’s Emergency Response Plan.

Updated: 27.03.2020

Rise and hygiene practices 

Rise is following the Department of Health handwashing and Health hygiene guidelines as well as existing infection prevention practices associated within the healthcare industry. Maintaining excellent levels of hand hygiene practices has proven to reduce the number of infections spreading between people. 

Rise follows the Department of Health's guidelines for providing transportation for clients. 

What else are Rise doing to keep you safe?

  • Staff/volunteers who have recently travelled overseas or show flu like symptoms, have been asked to stay at home until they have been medically cleared and/or self-isolate.  This applies to agency staff as well.
  • Implemented policies for hand-washing and other health hygiene as well as existing infection prevention practices in line with Department of Health guidelines.  Staff will wear personal protective equipment recommended by the Department of Health; not all equipment is recommended in all situations.
  • Rise follows the Department of Health's guidelines for providing transportation for clients.
  • Created a resources hub for staff, with guidelines for maintaining a safe environment.
  • All staff have been advised to minimise physical contact and implement social distancing.
  • We have reduced some group activities unless we can maintain safe hygiene practices and social distancing, and some non-essential services. All our Day Care Centres are closed to clients and Rise are working to ensure attendees still get the benefits of this service (more information coming soon). We are asking that there be no more than two visitors at any one time to Rise homes, respite and refuge services and that visitors wash/sanitize hands on arrival/departure.  These are being reviewed daily.
  • We are communicating with contractors and visitors and arranged signage around our hygiene policies to ensure no visitors with symptoms enter any Rise premises
  • We have advised the people we support, their family or guardian to let us know if they are unwell, have flu-like symptoms or have travelled overseas.
  • All staff are completing COVID-19 training from the Department of Health.  
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