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In 1983, a small group of dedicated volunteers gathered to discuss the support needs of people in the Perth Hills area. These were humble beginnings for what is now known as Rise – Your Community Support Network, originally called Hills Community Support Group. Today, Rise provides support to over 2000 people through a staff and volunteer workforce of over 400 people.

Without the help and support from others, we would not be able to provide the depth of services we do today. Whether it’s giving a bit of your time, or donating to a cause you’re passionate about- your support will make a difference.

We’re often asked “how can I help?’ and the answer is simple. Whether you have time or money to share, there’s always something extra that we could do to make a difference to someone that needs support.

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  • Will you be watching the royal wedding this Saturday?

This week our members at or social centres had a great time getting into the spirit for the union of Harry and Meghan.

There were high teas to be eaten, games to be played and quizzes to be cracked.

Of course, there was also lots of china cups to be chinked and tea to be drunk!

All the best to the happy couple for their special day!
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  • Talking about mental health is a great way to break down barriers and stigma surrounding it.

That’s why Darnell is telling her story.

She hopes that it might help someone.

She hopes that it might help encourage someone to get help.

She hopes that they may be able to feel useful and productive again, just like she is.

Darnell volunteers at a local organisation four days a week, helping people. 
She's back into her hobbies and she has the energy to walk her dogs again.

She's in a very different head space to when she left a psychiatric hospital after a four week stay - and she describes herself as one of the 'lucky ones' for 'seeing the light'. You can read more about Darnell on our blog - she hope it helps someone!
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  • Too many cooks spoil the broth.... or so the saying goes!

At Rise however, when the cook is away at our social centre, staff pitch in to make sure all our guests are fed delicious meals as always.

Because we're all about team work and helping out! 
The trio even had the good grace to pose for a quick photo in their very fashionable hairnets!!
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We see you. We've got you.

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