Rise has made collaborative relationships with corporate business in the past such as BankWest, BHP Billiton, Inpex, Bridgestone and Deloitte. These fun projects can range from project skills based volunteering to house and garden renovations.

As Rise has a diverse range of services, we are able to offer you a variety of possible projects to suite your team abilities and needs.

Benefits of your corporate team contributing to Rise include:

  • Increased company pride and loyalty from your staff
  • Heightened and positive recognition by your customers and consumers
  • Improved staff morale, motivation, team spirit and initiative
  • Enhanced workplace relationships and unique opportunities for your staff to work with people from different areas and levels of their organisation
  • Improved staff attendance, recruitment and retention
  • New skill development opportunities for your staff
  • New business opportunities and connections
  • An increased corporate image
  • Transformative relationships between your company and the local community

If you would like a Corporate Volunteering pack sent to you or have any questions about our Corporate Volunteering opportunities contact us via email or call us on 6274 3723.