Consumer Directed Care (CDC) packages enable you to flexibly design supports to meet your goals. Commonwealth Government funding for CDC is available in four levels, designed to adapt to your changing needs.

Rise staff will work with you to determine the budget available which consists of the funds the government has allocated to you plus your own contribution and any income tested fee (if you have entered Home Care after 1 July 2014). You can then make decisions how best to utilise the funding to help you meet your goals to remain independent at home.

An important part of CDC is that it’s all about building on what you CAN do rather than focusing on what you CAN’T. Rise staff can assist to design a comprehensive support plan that alongside the support of family and friends and other community resources will enable you to continue to live a good life at home.

The range of services available are broad and may include services delivered in-house such as personal care, domestic assistance, etc. or might also involve you identifying services to purchase such as allied health, equipment, or services provided by other agencies.

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