We understand that caring for a spouse or loved one who is frail aged or challenged with an intellectual disability is a full-time role, and as a Care Giver you may need regular breaks to renew your energies.

Respite enables you as the primary Care Giver to take time out from your caring role knowing that the person you care for has the benefit of a short break with understanding, trained staff in a safe environment.

We have flexible respite options for both the aged person, and the person with a disability:

Respite for the Aged Person

Respite at Milperra Cottage

We can offer overnight stays for the person in your care at our charming Milperra Cottage, situated in the peaceful surroundings of Mt Helena. This will allow you as the primary Care Giver to remain in your own home.

In Home Respite

Our In Home Respite cares for the elderly person in their own home, allowing you as the primary Care Giver to be able to leave your home.

The care plan and activities will be tailored to suit each person.

Social Centre Respite

Day Respite is available at one of our Social Centres for the elderly. At our centres we provide regular opportunities for activity, friendship and social connection in a warm, supportive environment.

We have two Social Centres:

Carer Peer Support Program

In connection with above respite opportunities, the Carer Peer Support Programs offers:

  • Friendship and social support
  • Informative workshops to assist you in your caring role, and
  • Health and wellness activities.

This program also offers short breaks on an annual basis

Respite for People with a Disability

Respite at Nobel House

Our Nobel House in the hills of Perth offer a short-term respite home for people with a disability.

This allows you, as the primary Care Giver the time to re-energise, go on holiday or just attend to the many other priorities in your life. It also gives the person you support an opportunity to have a break too.

There are also emergency places available for those ‘unplanned moments’.

The individual’s needs are discussed with the person, family and Care Giver so that both parties feel secure and comfortable during this time.

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