Our Housing team manages a range of social housing properties. These properties are available for persons with persistent mental illnesses and people requiring 24/7 supported housing.

Our housing portfolio includes:

  • 93 independent living homes in the Metro area
  • 7 in Northam
  • 12 group homes for the supported living

Independent Living program

The Independent Living Program is a State Government program designed for people who have a diagnosed  persistent mental health illness. This program is managed by our Mental Health team.

Supported Accommodation

We manage specifically designed Group Homes principally in the East Metro/Hills areas. These homes are for people with a large range of disabilities and provide 24/7 care in a well managed and maintained environment. We consider this to be the individual’s home.

This program is managed by our People with Disabilities team.

Other properties we manage

Rise has a number of corporate buildings. These include 4 refuge/transitional/respite homes and 4 corporate facilities comprising a mix of Social Centre accommodation

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