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Individual Support - Mental Health

At Rise, we put you first, rather than services and funding, focusing on your strengths, needs, hopes and dreams. We know that each of us is unique and every person has individual needs, goals, ideas and dreams for their life.

Individual Support with Housing

There are two ways that Rise may be able to assist you when it comes to your housing. We can help you to find a home and importantly, keep that home.

Peer Support

A peer worker is someone who has a lived experience of a mental health challenge. At Rise we have a number of trained staff who are peer workers and work with individuals, lead groups and facilitate training.

NDIS & How Rise Can Help - Mental Health

The great team here at Rise are available to provide you with a flexible and individual service to support you in your everyday activities, assisting you as and when you need it.

How to Access Mental Health Services

We can assist you with a referral. You can find our referral form at the link here.

We work with adults who have experienced mental distress in the areas of homelessness, relationships and social connections, training and education and life skills development. We have individualised services and groups, so we will always find something to meet your needs. Our Mental Health Team work within the  Swan area, and extend from Northam to Perth Metro area.

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