If you have a desire to reignite some of your interests or talent but just need some help to get started and connect with the right people, then we could discuss this as part of your Individual Plan.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Is there an activity that you used to do which really brought some joy?
  • Is there something that interests you and have always had a desire to learn more about?
  • Is there something you did which other people acknowledged you were great at, but you haven’t had an opportunity to do lately?
  • Was there a group you were involved with once that did some fun things together?
  • Do you want to try something new?
  • Is there a talent you have that you want to get better in?

Get in touch with us

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then please get in touch with us so that we can discuss how we might be able to support you, by either: