Interactive, fun workshops run by people who understand

Peer Zone is our exciting, fun and interactive series of workshops which is run by and for people with experience of mental distress. The workshop is also supported by online resources and public and private social media pages.

Some of the themes and workshops are:peerzone ogo-medium-web-transparent-no-strapline

  • Understanding our distress
  • Leading our recovery and exploring our stories
  • Empowering ourselves through finding our voices and dealing with crisis
  • Coping with stress, understanding trauma and minding our lifestyle
  • Enhancing our relationships, maximising our income, and finding and keeping a home or finding and keeping a job

Our next Peer Zone

Our next Peer Zone Workshop will take place from Monday 6th August for 6 consecutive weeks. Each workshop is 3 hours long. Take a look at the flyer for more information. Workshops covered will be under the “Understanding Ourselves” series and include:

  • Understanding our distress
  • Understanding our alcohol and drug use
  • Leading our recovery
  • Exploring our stories

Get in touch with us

if you are interested in joining these continuous workshops facilitated by people who have first hand experience about what it feels like to live with mental distress, then please get in touch with us by:

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