When it comes to your living space, we understand that everyone is different and may be looking for something to suit their specific needs. We provide the following types of 24/7 residential accommodation to ensure you receive the support you need.

Residential Accommodation

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an individualised and person centred support within our 24/7 accommodation services. All Supported Accommodation services have an on-site Team Leader, 24/7 rostered staffing and access to out of regular office hours emergency On-Call.

Supported Accommodation

Our goal is to understand the person and the people that are important to them in their life. Through discovering the person’s strengths, interests and supports needs, Rise ensures the person is compatible with other residents and staff who share their home. Each home is designed to meet the individual and specific needs of the residents with 24/7 staffing and vehicles.

Transitional Accommodation

Rise also provides Independent Living Units for Transitional Accommodation where our trained staff work with the person, their family, friends and other mainstream supports to help the person to develop and maintain the life skills and networks they require to achieve their highest level of independence. This program has 24/7 staff on-site, but uses a Key Support Worker to individually support each person in their own Independent Living Unit.

Our goal is to develop the capacity of the person to live in a community setting that best suits their goals and support needs, be that independent living, sharing with a friend or companion or sharing the life and home of a Host family.

In our residential accommodation services, our support may include:

  • Transport to activities and appointments
  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • Health and medical support
  • Recreational and friendship opportunities
  • Involvement in the local community, and
  • Developing Life skills.

We also ensure there remains a strong connection and involvement with the family, key Care Givers and the community. It all comes down to the individual and finding out what they need.

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