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Individual Support - Youth

The great team here at Rise are available to provide you with a flexible and individual service to support you in your everyday activities, assisting you as and when you need it.


We know that getting a driving licence and being able to drive makes such a difference in helping young people get to their place of learning or employment.

So, we provide two assistance for two important steps to obtaining a driver’s license.


Kira | Safe House

Kira House is a safe, fresh, spacious and confidential 24-hour crisis house for young women aged between 14 and 18 years, who may have accompanying children, but who are leaving a violent family or domestic situation.


Stratton Edge Youth Centre

Stratton Edge is our drop-in youth centre for 12 – 17 year olds and is located at Jecks Place, Stratton.

We have an inside area, outside basketball court, oval and a skate park.


We work with young people who may be struggling in areas of homelessness, education, relationships and family issues. We also have a Drop-In centre for times when you just want to chill with your friends. Our youth team works mainly in the North Eastern corridor, from Chidlow through to Darch and into Mt Lawley, and includes suburbs such as Midland, Stratton, Morley, Balga and Ellenbrook.

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