…The stories you share give me strength inside. And I get overwhelmed because I no longer have to hide…

Kira House is a safe, fresh, spacious and confidential 24-hour crisis house for young women aged between 14 and 18 years, who may have accompanying children, but who are leaving a violent family or domestic situation.

Once you are with us, the Kira House staff will offer you the support you need for this time, and help prepare you for your everyday and future goals.

Young women staying at Kira House will be offered assistance with:

  • Emotional and social support
  • Day to day living skills
  • Parenting issues
  • Information and education to increase their knowledge
  • Skills and confidence around family and domestic violence
  • Practical assistance and referrals to access other community services
  • Informal counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Support to help focus on strengths and achieve goals

If Kira House is unable to accommodate the young woman due to a shortage of beds, our Outreach Worker will assess the young woman’s suitability. If under normal circumstances the young woman would be accepted to Kira House, the worker will assist in accessing alternative safe accommodation.

The Outreach Worker will provide support to the young women and their child once they move from Kira House to assist them:

  • Into transitional housing
  • Establish appropriate support networks
  • Help maintain the requirements of their tenancy

After Leaving Kira House

Outreach Support is available to you when you leave Kira House to provide continues support in developing your skills to live safely and independently.

We can also provide other next step accommodation options.

If you need help now call us now | Immediate Help – Call 0408 895 613

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For more information about Kira House, download our brochure here.


As this is a crisis home, each young woman will be assessed as to their eligibility for the program. Please contact us directly on the telephone number above and we will assess your eligibility.