Here are some commonly used youth terms and acronyms for your reference.

Domestic and Family Violence – Domestic and family violence is when someone intentionally uses violence, threats, force or intimidation to control or manipulate a family member, partner or former partner. It is characterised by an imbalance of power whereby the perpetrator uses abusive behaviors and tactics to obtain power and control over the victim causing fear. The violence is intentional and systematic and often increases in frequency and severity the longer the relationship goes on (Carrington & Phillips 2003, Tually, Faulkner, Culter & Slater 2008).

NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

Psychosocial – refers to both the psychological and social impacts for a individual who has a mental health challenge.

Psychosocial Disability – This is the term referred to under the National Disability Insurance Scheme for eligible participants’s who have on-going severe mental health challenges.