Staff Survey Results Feedback

By Rise
11 September 2019

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. Leadership Group have read all the comments and I want to share the main points that came from the feedback and what we intend to do about it. Some of the actions need you to be proactive and tell us exactly what you need so that we can get it right. And please understand that whilst we’ll do our best to address issues, if you have an individual comment that you don’t feel has been addressed, please follow it up with your line manager. We will report our progress to you on a quarterly basis. 

The main points were: 

  1. Communication 

  1. Training  

  1. Other issues 

  1. We received many comments on the way Rise communicates with you and how it needs to be improved. This item was highlighted in last year’s survey as well and since then we’ve introduced the intranet, rolled out mobile phones to most staff, and given everyone an email address. Still to come is the new look Rise website and a one page simplified strategic plan so you know where we’re heading. We understand that for some groups communication can be further improved.  


  • We’ll be looking to hear your suggestions on how to improve communication at Rise and encourage you to provide them at team meetings, Summa Rise or email your Line Manager directly.    

    A positive statistic is that 86% of you feel that you can speak up if something isn’t right which is great. For those who don’t feel this way I’d like to emphasise that we are supportive of a speak up culture because when people speak up, change happens. Leadership Group want to encourage this, and I want to stress that there won’t be any repercussions if someone speaks up about something that’s not right or safe.  

  1. Training was the next major source of comments with most of them referring to IT, person centred care and not being remunerated for completing training in your own time. I want to clarify that mandatory training should be completed within work hours. There is no expectation that staff will do mandatory training in their own time. Training that isn’t mandatory may have a cost sharing arrangement by which Rise may pay for the course and you do it on your own time but this is to be made clear before training commences. If you aren’t sure what training is mandatory, please ask your line manager.  


  • We are investigating different ways to deliver training so that not everything is held at Helen’s Place. We want training to be easily accessible and delivered when you need it.  

  • A Learning & Development Strategy is almost complete and will be available to you when it’s done. This will show you the plan for the next few years.  

  • If you feel that training isn’t meeting your needs please discuss this at team meetings and provide suggestions as to how it can be improved.  

  1. Other issues 

  • Uniforms – there were a number of requests for uniforms to be provided. Rise has chosen not to go down this path as we have many clients who don’t want to be publicly identified as requiring support and to provide a uniform would impinge on their choice and control. For areas like Gardening, personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided in order to keep staff safe, this is not a uniform.  

  • Wages – there were comments regarding the perception that the pay level at Rise is low. Rise is covered by several awards and we pay at or above the award hourly rate. We recognise that NFPs have lower salaries than the private sector and Rise is working hard lobbying Government to try and increase funding. Thanks to previous lobbying, the Equal Remuneration Order (ERO) was enacted in 2012 and runs to Dec 2019. This has increased wages by 23% - 45% which is well beyond CPI (see graphs below comparing a Level 3.1 worker’s hourly rate against the rate with just a CPI increase, and the same for a Level 6.1 worker). We don’t anticipate another ERO any time soon but we’ll keep pushing.  





  • Rise to update staff on lobbying progress 

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