• Hosts – living with a supporting family or individual in their home.
  • Co-residents – a support worker lives with a person needing support and receives free or discounted rent.
  • Supporting Friend – sharing with a friend who provides support.
  • Sharing NDIS Participants – two or more NDIS participants live together and share support services.
  • Sharing NDIS Participants with Co-resident – as above, but a Co-resident lives in the house to provide additional support.
  • Supporting Families – families who live with and provide support, but get additional assistance to make things sustainable.
  • Friendly Neighbours – a person who lives nearby and assists to build connections in the community.
  • Circle of Support – volunteers supporting a person with disability to live more independently.

Homes can be provided in many ways:

  • Host arrangements - a home is provided to the participant as part of the arrangement.

  • Private house and apartment rental options - assisting people to come together and share the costs of renting. This can often open up the private rental market and many more housing choices.

  • Independent Living Options  and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) - My Supports are working with partners to explore innovations around combining Independent Living Options and Specialist Disability Accommodation, including possibilities to use SDA payments to contribute to buying your own home.

Independent Living Options (ILO) versus Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding

  • ILOs focus on strengthening the supports already available in the community or the individual’s social network to assist a person with disability to live in the community. SIL funding provides funding for someone to live in a home and employ staff to support them.
  • ILO's are designed around the individuals requirements to enable them to live in the community, while SIL funding is for people who wish to live in a shared home.
  • There are many types of ILO's, with combinations of options - this allows freedom and flexibility to meet an individual’s specific needs.

  • SIL funding is best for individuals that would like a shared home where there is a staff member available (either on call or at their home).

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