In the Eye of the Beholder

Dennis is a talented artist with a unique perspective and an eye for detail. Dennis lives in York with his family but frequently visits Perth for short stays at Nobel House, our respite home in the Perth Hills. A stay in respite for Dennis is not about putting his life on hold; it is about helping him to continue to live with his family in York whilst also helping him to access additional opportunities in the city to further his interests, such as his art.

At Nobel House the Rise staff know Dennis, his family and the other supports in his life. By working collaboratively we all ensure the routines that are important to Dennis are followed. This approach helps him to feel understood and supported, and assists Dennis in achieving his goals whilst he is away from the family home.

The collaboration to support Dennis is well-represented by the artwork he produces during his stays at Nobel House, and the activities he attends when he goes out with staff from Rise’s Individualised Services team. It is fantastic to see the works he creates for fun, and the art he has produced for exhibitions and competitions. Dennis has submitted work to the annual ‘As We Are’ art exhibition — a state-wide art exhibition open to all WA artists who have an intellectual disability – and the ‘Banners in the Terrace’ competition – a Local Government art project displayed on St Georges Terrace each year.

When back home with his family, Dennis does not talk so much about his experiences at Nobel House and in the city. But his mother, Isolde, can tell by his art, actions and demeanour that he has had a great time.

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