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rise network

John making progress with his walking frame

Rise helps John find his feet

John had never used a walking frame but for the last few years staff were required to hold his hands and walk with him.  For John, however, he wanted to get some independence back again.

So the staff involved an Occupational Therapist to assess John, and then Rise staff began a trial with John using a walking frame, to see how John coped with this change and whether it gave him what he was wanting.  

John is now able to walk with a new frame purchased for him – he is doing splendidly.  This is such a great achievement for John and the staff who support him with his daily care.

Well done all.

A photo of Jill happily swimming with a floaty in the pool

Jill takes to the pool like a duck to water

Jill was always scared and not comfortable to access pool many years earlier with male staff mainly. Our new team member, Paola, knew exactly how to help.

Paola and Jill took time to build confidence in a few trials in the pool with great success! Jill is now so happy to access pool with no fear and enjoys floating in pool.

NDIS helped Jill to access this and is looking forward to more hours in the pool and a range of other fun activities.

rise city of bayswater housing

Rise supports City of Bayswater with community housing

rise city of bayswater housingRise’s Housing team are currently providing consultation service for the City of Bayswater to help them manage their Community Housing Stock.

The City interviewed a number of Community Housing providers and after a number of discussions chose to partner with us. We will help to manage their housing stock while they carry out a strategic review in conjunction with the Department of Housing to find out the best way to manage Community Housing in the future.

We are currently advising on various aspects of Property and Tenancy Management. The City commented that

We have been very impressed by the professionalism and support from Rise Network Housing Division.

Our Corporate Services Manager, Simon Robbins, commented

It’s great to be involved with an organisation like the City who have reviewed their risks and concluded that Community Housing is an area where they could make improvements by engaging with an organisation who are experienced in this field.

Rise Housing currently manage 129 properties for 12 service providers in addition to the City of Bayswater. If you want to find out more about how we can help with property management please contact Tony Green on 08 6274 3700.

Rise and CATA merger

Rise Announces Merger with Creative And Therapy Activities (CATA)

We are excited to announce that we have merged with another non-profit provider, Creative and Therapy Activities (CATA).

CATA has a base in Warwick but works across a number of suburbs and offers creative activities and therapies to people of all abilities in a safe and supportive environment to help them live a more fulfilled and happy life. Services are available to people with Home and Community Care (HACC) funding as well as those paying for services themselves.

CATA will come under the leadership of Helen Dymond in our Aged Care division but their services will also be available to people with disability and people with mental health challenges.

The merger enables us to increase the range of services we offer and expand into new geographical areas. It also enables CATA to continue to deliver its fantastic range of programs and continue as a valuable entity in the community.

Our CEO Justine Colyer said

We believe CATA and Rise will be stronger together as we have complementary strengths and skills which will help us do even more for the community.

There will be more news to come about how we will work with CATA as well as information about a launch event we will be holding in the near future to celebrate this new partnership.

Look out for more details!

ACSWA excellence in care award winner

ACSWA Excellence in Care Awards Winner

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Aged Care Trainee Rebecca Ewen won the Trainee category at the ACSWA Excellence in Care Awards at the end of May!

We told you a bit about Rebecca on the blog back in May when she was announced as a finalist for the award. Rebecca commenced work with us within the Aged Care Community Services division in September 2015 under the Community Services traineeship program in partnership with Health Training Australia (HTA).

Although only with Rise for a short period of time, Bec has become an important member of the Aged Care team. Her willingness to learn, listen and share her experiences with fellow trainees and staff members throughout the organisation has identified her as an important asset to our organisation, displaying many of the values and characteristics that Rise embraces.

We are very proud of Bec and what she has achieved and also want to say a big congratulations to all in Aged Care for being a brilliant and supportive team.

ceo sleepout

CEO Sleepout: Justine raises record amount for homelessness

Our CEO Justine Colyer took part in her seventh Vinny’s CEO Sleepout. This event is designed to tip CEOs out of their comfy beds and into the WACA ground for a night to raise awareness about homelessness.

Justine raised $5080 – the highest amount over the seven years she has taken part in the event. Overall, WA raised a whopping $660,000.

Justine said

During the Sleepout, there were a number of presenters who told their story. One of these was Paris, who shared his story with honesty and humour. Paris grew up with domestic violence and was drinking by the age of nine and a meth and heroin user by his teens. He committed a number of offences and by his early 20s was in prison. Against all the odds, he started working on getting a degree and with the help of St Vinnies has completed it and is setting up his own business as a professional speaker.  If his performance on the night was anything to go by, he will be a standout. It really was a lesson that we should never, never give up on someone as everyone is capable of being a valuable and contributing member of society.

You can find out more about the sort of people who are helped through the Sleepout and how by listening to this story.

Justine added

To all my generous donors – thanks for the generous donations and words of encouragement. Your donations provide support to people like Paris who go on to make a happier and better WA.

kira house baby simulation

Kira House welcomes a new baby

Our Youth team at Kira House have just welcome a new baby into the world! But don’t worry, it’s not a real baby. Here’s the full story…

Research tells us that teenage mothers are more likely to be a lone parent, live in areas of greater disadvantage, smoke and have lower levels of education. Young parenthood can sometimes act to further entrench some of these problems and continue a cycle of disadvantage for both the young parent and their child. To help young people who come to our safe house, we decided to buy a ‘virtual baby’ which is designed to give a real life experience of what it’s like to have a baby.

The virtual baby will be used to provide a simulated parenting experience for young women who are considering pregnancy or who are pregnant. This requires the young woman to respond to the needs of an infant, as they would in reality. A computer inside the baby will record the young woman’s responses to the virtual baby, which can be examined at the end of the experience.

During the simulated experience, staff will educate the young woman about child development, parenting skills, pregnancy and maternal and child health. This increase in knowledge will provide young people with more confidence and the ability to access appropriate support and services. It will also provide young people with a parenting experience so that they can make a more informed decision about whether parenthood is for them.

One of the residents at Kira House who was asked about the idea said

A virtual baby is a good way to teach the girls that come in and out of Kira House, how to look after a child, and what changes when you become a mother. Like, you can’t go out as often as you would’ve. It also teaches you how to handle a baby. It will bring more responsibility into Kira House, having all the girls prepared and organised. For example, being more cautious of things on the floor so that the baby won’t pick it up. Also, it will prepare the girls for when a young mother actually comes in the house with her baby/babies, to acknowledge the communal areas and to be aware that a child could come into a communal area at any time.

Look out for more news and updates about how our young women get on with the baby simulation experience.

fairground conference yacwa

Our Youth Manager to speak at Fairground Conference

Our fantastic Youth Program Manager, Dawn McAleenan, is set to speak at the upcoming Fairground Conference.

Fairground is hosted by The Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA) and takes place every two years as an opportunity for the youth sector to network, share ideas and common experiences whilst focusing on statewide issues which affect young people. This year will be the fifth Fairground conference will be heard at on 14-15 July.

Dawn McAleenan Fairground Conference speaker

Dawn will be speaking on the first day of the conference about Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) amongst young women. She will talk about Kira House as the only service in WA that takes in women in crisis 24 hours a day.

Take a look at the program to find out more about the speakers and topics that will be covered at the conference. You can register for the conference here.

We’re very proud of Dawn and we know she will be fabulous!

NDS aboriginal standards

Rise demonstrates its awareness of Aboriginal Standards

National Disability Services (NDS) recognises that Aboriginal people with a disability have the same rights as other individuals with a disability. Some of our clients at one of our Disability houses have created a board (shown above) which displays the NDS Aboriginal Standards.

The NDS standards help to communicate with Aboriginal people and their families and to ensure that the Aboriginal community is treated with respect. They also ensure that their culture is kept alive within their homes.

At Rise, we take part in Aboriginal cultural awareness training which enables all staff to have a better understanding of the culture. We respect the rights for our clients to practice and keep their culture alive. Our teams encourages inclusion within the Aboriginal community along with maintaining family contact.

New equipment at Stratton Edge Youth Centre

Playstation, Cricket, Foosball… what more do you need?

We recently asked our young people who come to Stratton Edge Youth Centre what would make their time here more fun.

They gave us some great feedback and as a result we’ve purchased some fantastic new equipment including:

  • Widescreen TV and a PlayStation 4 with games
  • Two top of the range scooters – an Envy Prodigy and a King of Spades
  • Cricket set
  • Table tennis paddles and balls (to go with our table)
  • Foosball table and new pumps to keep our basketballs, footballs and bike tyres pumped up
  • Equipment for arts and crafts

We hope this new equipment will have a positive effect on the centre as it will provide a wider range of activities for our young people to do.

Skye Groenveld who works at the Centre said, “by gaining input from the young people we are able to cater to their interests and provide them with activities that we know they are interested in.”

For more details and to keep up to date with what’s happening at Stratton Edge, like our Facebook page.