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rise staff

Climate Clever Initiative!

Rise was delighted to receive a grant from Lotterywest to progress a new initiative to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of utilities for people on lower incomes.  It is a unique project between Not For Profit’s who provide services to tenants, a financial counselling services and social enterprise, Climate Clever.

Check out the video below to learn more:

Potential users and staff members will shortly be coming together to design and test the app and the technology to be used in the project to make sure it is user friendly and fit for purpose.

LGBTI Awareness Training

Opening closets & celebrating people

Almost half of all gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people hide their sexual orientation or gender identity in public for fear of violence or discrimination.

LGBTI Awareness Training

This is one of the facts Katherine and Stevie from Living Proud explained at the recent LGBTI Awareness Training. The training provides Rise staff with valuable information to ensure we provide an inclusive community that supports everyone.

LGBTI Awareness Training

We don’t have to be bound by societies constructs about what we should and shouldn’t be.

Now public perception has shifted and it’s lovely that people want to celebrate with us. There are still struggles but it’s nice people are finding the positives and want to celebrate with us.

LGBTI Awareness Training

Stevie has devoted a lot of time to community service at Living Proud, The Freedom Centre and Lifeline.

People can be a bit scared and getting the information can break down barriers so they are equipped to provide a service that’s more inclusive.

LGBTI Awareness TrainingDo you know what Cisgender means?

A person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

Language plays an important role in supporting the LGBTI community. Katherine and Stevie explained the meaning of different words and the importance of using inclusive language that is respectful to how people describe their own bodies, gender and relationships.

Organisations are starting to realise some of their clients and staff are LGBTI. It’s important that their services are inclusive and individuals can be their whole self at work.

Rise services

Rise celebrates people from all walks of life. We provide support services for aged care, disability, mental health and youth. Find out more on this link.


Employment of People with Disability Initiative

A new and exciting initiative is underway

Several Not for Profit disability service organisations are developing ways to increase the meaningful and sustainable employment of people with disability into their workforce.

It has often been perceived as too difficult to employ a person with a disability, however the organisations in this pilot are now embarking on the journey to dispel this myth and are working collaboratively to genuinely challenge this and prove that it can be achieved and is a worthwhile venture.

Expressions of Interest

We are now seeking expressions of interest from people who have disability and have an interest in developing this initiative further. You will be part of a co-design/co-production Steering Group who will advise and guide the implementation of this initiative by the organisations that have identified their interest.

You will advise the organisations on the issues facing people with disabilities when looking for work, e.g. going through interviews, workplace environment, workplace expectations, workplace equipment and resources, transport and any other issues that are challenges to employment – as well as solutions to those challenges.

Expressions of interest need to be in by 4pm Friday, 14th June. The first meeting will take place on the 25th June 2019.

If you are interested, please provide your details on page two of this link:

Please let us know if you have an accessibility needs.

You will be reimbursed for your time.


Living our values

Our  Disability Coordinator Workshop was a great opportunity for us to share ideas and celebrate the successes of the people we support and our staff.


Disability Support Workshop



Our shared values are the core beliefs we use to make decisions. Living our values means we provide quality support.

The team talked about how Rise values drive what we do and how we do it everyday.

Integrity: We do the right thing.

Respect: We listen and trust.

Welcoming: We offer a place to belong.

Optimism: We are hopeful and confident.Disability Support Workshop


The team demonstrated their creative side and had lots of fun using Playdoh to make items  that reflect these values.

Celebrating people

Staff shared some inspiring stories of goals their clients have achieved, as well as some fantastic feedback they have received from members of the community.

Rise Values

Celebrating people we support is our vision if you would like to learn more about how we can support you or someone you know with a disability please click on this link or contact us at:

ph: (08) 6274 3700


Aboriginal aged care services

Our Moorditj members are a gold mine of wisdom

Rise’s Moorditj, Yirra Mia group includes some exceptionally talented artists and passionate support staff. Raelene is one of the inspiring Support Workers that enjoys a chat and is happy to share her wisdom.

Painting is the most meditative thing ever. You just zone into it. This is an air view of the serpent travelling through Australia. One big snake going through the water.

The Elders are also supported by Tarrita.

Working in an environment like this has been amazing. I feel like I’m in a gold mine being here amongst the Elders! There is so much I can learn from them. It’s all about humbling yourself.


Aboriginal aged care services

I like working with the older people. It reminds me of being back at home in Torres Strait.

I’m really getting to know more indigenous people of Australia. There are similarities between all cultures. Respect your Elders. Look after your Elders. It’s pinned into us at a young age.

If you catch fish and your baskets full of fish you have to drop off fish to all the Elders on the trail as you head home. It doesn’t matter if you only have one fish left.

Aboriginal Connection

The Moorditj, Yirra Mia group have a strong history of telling the members stories through art and sharing culture with younger generations. If you would like to learn more, please click on this link or contact:

Gerry Selvey

Program Co-Ordinator


D: 08 65580822



Supported Accommodation

What makes a house a home?

A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.


Supported Accommodation

James and Ciaran  are getting ready for the day. James dreams while listening to Shania Twain. She’s one of his favourite singers and he loves to talk about the Shania concert he and his family attended.

James is so cheeky and fun. He can also be really serious. He is the unofficial boss of this place. He’s a very cheeky monkey (Alex, Support Worker)

Ciaran makes sure the house stays neat and tidy. Everything must be put back in its rightful place. He loves to relax on his swing in the morning sun.

Today, James and Ciaran are supported by Angie and Lovena.

Support Worker

Angie started with Rise in February 2016 and is passionate about supporting the lads.

I enjoy having conversations and building relationships with the clients. Me and James will sit for hours and have conversations about stuff.


Supported Accommodation

Lovena also joined Rise in 2016.

Two of my best mates work here, in this house. It’s the people. You can’t do this job without liking people.

This morning she is listening to Ciaran explain some of his favourite food on his IPad.

Are you or someone you know with a disability looking for a place to call home?

You can find out more about our supported accommodation opportunities here.

Alternatively, please contact:

Mandy Hughes

0436 686 897


leadership WA visits Rise

Leadership WA visits Rise

Rise’s Arts Hub was delighted to welcome participants from Leadership WA’s Rising Leadership program.

Our visitors included rising and established leaders from government, not for profit and private sectors.

Giving back to the community

Run by Leadership WA, this six-month program has a high expectation that graduates will give back to the community.

So it was very fitting that participants spent a day meeting our members, hearing from our staff and learning about our community.

Our visitors saw first-hand that age and disability are no barriers to creative genius!

And we had SUCH a great time showing off the Arts Hub and our members’ creativity.

Fabulous feedback for Rise

We know all the participants had a good day because they told us! Here is some of their fantastic feedback.

Rise is clearly an organisation with a passion for people

Rise has such a wonderful feeling, and there is a lot of talent in those rooms

The staff were amazing and really embody the values of the organisation

I was really impressed with Rise

I thought their vision and passion for their clients, and also their staff, really stood out

How fantastic – the right people in the right job for the benefit of others

Thank you for opening your facilities so we could experience what an amazing role you play in our community and what you do for people

Our CEO Justine Colyer said

What a great reflection on everyone at the Arts Hub! It was so important that people left with a different perception of what Rise does but, most importantly, the value and talents of all people in the community.

Well done to everyone involved!

Rise Creative Arts

Rise offers many creative programs for people of all abilities based at our Arts Hub in Warwick, including painting, woodwork, knitting, pottery and craft. Read more about the full range of Rise services here.

R U OK? – Meaningful conversations about mental health

R U OK? Day is all about staying connected and having meaningful conversations with people who may be having a tough time – and that includes work colleagues.

R U OK? road show

To raise awareness and start some conversations, last week Rise invited the whole team to wear yellow for R U OK? Day and attend a session to learn more about mental health.

Workplace Health and Safety Officer Julie Exeter, along with our Mental Health team, hit the road visiting Rise sites for the whole week.

At the sessions we talked about what RU OK? is all about and the four steps that could save a life:

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage action
  4. Follow up

We also learned how to listen and look out for signs that someone we work with is struggling.

Starting conversations

We all need to be confident to ask someone R U OK?  So each session included role-playing where we explored ways to start the conversation and how to be prepared for the response we may get.

CEO Justine Colyer said Rise offers a range of flexible and tailored support for when ever people need it.

I want to thank you all for being part of supportive and open communication with your teams and making sure you take care of yourselves so we can all look out for each other.

It was an important reminder to take care of our own mental health as well as look out for how others are doing.

If you missed the session at your work site, there is a load of excellent information and resources on the R U OK? website.

Big thank you to Julie for organising the seriously yummy R U OK? cakes!

Rise Mental Health

Rise provides a number of mental health services. This includes individual support, peer support and housing. For more information click here.

robot therapy

Rise enjoys some robot therapy

Rise clients have been enjoying some robot therapy!

When Robot Buddy came to visit our southern social centre recently, and it was a total hit.

Robot therapy

Robot Buddy is a specially-designed therapy robot for aged care. It is great for all sorts of people too!

Guests at our social centre in the Armadale area got to experience the bots first hand.

Social Programs Coordinator Maryann Ellis said it was a hoot!

The robots use music and lights to encourage singing, dancing and social interaction.

Coleen spent time with us here at Yirra Mia, and we had fun! We will definitely be getting her back – everyone loved it, just look at the happy faces!

Robot Buddy uses dance styles and music that appeal to the target audience. Guests can copy the moves on their feet, or from their chair. And the music can bring back some great memories of times gone by!

Rise services

Rise provides numerous aged care services, which includes social centres, personal care and home support. For more information click here.

recycling youth stratton

Rise gets recycling thanks to poster reminder

The environment is at the front of our minds this week as Rise gets recycling thanks to some great poster reminders.

Rise gets recycling

Young people attending the Stratton Edge Youth Centre created some great posters recently in a bid to inspire better recycling.

Youth Activities Coordinator Skye Groenveld said a recycling workshop was held.

We have been trying to inspire the young people at the centre to recycle their recyclables!

The young people were already pretty good discerning which items went on which poster, with only a little helping hand, and some heavy discussion about certain items, some of which the young people corrected staff on!

Skye said the posters covered the obvious rubbish and recycling. During the workshop, the group also added donate and compost posters.

They used old magazines and papers to create the collages. Skye said she hoped it sparked some environmentally conscious actions!

We will now have posters created by the young people above the rubbish and recycling bins in the youth centre and hopefully create a more environmentally friendly youth centre – maybe some of the tips will even make it back home!

Rise youth

Rise provides a number of services for youth. This includes a youth centre, safe house, transitional centre and helping teenagers to get their driver’s licence. Read more here.