At Rise, we believe that we are all on an adventure together. Our video “An Adventure Together” features some of our amazing, diverse staff and volunteers, all on an exciting adventure together serving the community through Rise.

Our employees are the backbone of our organisation and at Rise we want all of our staff to feel rewarded and appreciated. We offer maximum access to salary packaging benefits which means you pay less tax. We also have a ‘reward and recognition’ system that allows managers to highlight the good work of staff members and provide a reward for the individuals concerned.

Beyond this though, we recognise that our employees have a lot more challenges in their lives than just working for Rise. So we are as flexible as possible with your working arrangements so that you can look after the other aspects of your life. You and your family can also access a free counselling service for any issue, whether they’re connected with work or not.

We also want to look after your career and so we tailor our learning and development to develop our staff as much as we can. Study assistance is also available in a number of circumstances and we will always try to find ways to meet your career ambitions. And if you’re still with us after seven fulfilling years you get long service leave, which you can take as money if you prefer.

Rise fosters a safe, healthy work environment to ensure the protection and secure the safety and health of all people in the workplace.

We have come a long way since 1983 and we’re doing more for our employees than ever, and we’ll keep trying to make it better each year.